Tutorial: How To Enable Financial Takeover In Career Mode

As like last year we are going to explain in a video tutorial how to enable financial takeover on career mode. This time it will be for FIFA 15, but the steps are virtually the same as the previous installment. The financial takeover feature is one that’s used by so many players on manager mode and it continues to get more popular over time. Check out the quick 3 minute tutorial below and learn how to do it for your saved game.

The feature basically represents an edge of realism towards the game, as it involves a billionaire taking control of the football club that you manage and injecting large amounts of money into the club which you as the manager can spend in the transfer windows to improve your squad. It’s exactly the same as what Manchester City, Chelsea PSG and a load of other teams have done in real life.

We used Leicester City in our video as we have never used them in any of our previous videos and thought that they would be a great example to use in this footage as they cannot compete at the top end of the Premier league table in terms of buying players. Let us know if you have any questions regarding this tutorial and we will help you by answering your questions. You can use either the comments box at the footer if this page or on our YouTube video watch page. Either way we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Check back regularly and browse all the content in our useful tips page as we are going to update the page with loads of FIFA 15 tutorials and hints throughout the year.


  • Does this keep going from season to season? I did this with Leeds United and I only have the 50 million for 1 season and then the next season I was back down to 12 million

    • The board should give you more money from your club owner the next season yes, but if not then you can just unlock the next level up in the catalogue Javier.

  • Can you use the same financial takeover in more than one game/club or do you have to pay with xp points every time you use it?

    • You’ll most certainly have to pay with XP point every time you unlock the financial takeover, and in regards to using it for two separate clubs it really is random. Sometimes it lets you and other times it does not. Lucky there’s more levels to unlock though. Hope this helped

      • It is not possible to redeem it more than one time. I am playing career with to clubs and i can’t use it for both of them

  • On previous Fifa’s I have tried using this more than once in the same career game but it only worked the once. It says in the catalogue that in can only be used once a season, not once a career game. Is this issue fixed in this game? So can we use financial takeover more than once during the whole career mode game?

    • Yeah it’s to do with EA, there is a glitch in the game because you are supposed to get funds once per season but sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t.

      • I’ve read on a forum that EA’s definition of ‘season’ could mean a career game. Which is a definite shame. What about if you get it as a gift from a friend? Is that a way of using it more than once? And can you use the 3 financial takeovers from the catalogue within the same career mode?

        • Yes that’s a way of using it a total of six times if you use gift to a friend and if you have a friend that would do that for you then by all means go ahead with it.

  • I brought the level 9 financial takeover and no money has gone onto my career mode

  • Anyone on PS3 and want to swap Level 39 F/T’s? It’s Xx-ClevoO-xX hit me up.

  • If you run out of takeovers in your catalogue can you never get the financial takeover again on a new career?

  • I used this feature, bid for two players 3 months later, had them accepted then when agreeing the contract my money disappeared completely. Now can’t redeem anymore this season. Sounds like EA still have issues or does the money have a life span on it?

  • can someone please send me a financial takeover on pc, my origin user name is Alexx2323

  • Would anyone like to trade Financial Takeovers on ps4? my tage is drumice.

  • Just tried buying the level 9 financial takeover and no funds have been added? Any clues as to how I can resolve this or am I basically screwed?

  • Im really gutted, was thinking of going LIVE on my xbox to do this on my copy of FIFA 15, not sure ill bother with takeovers now

  • Okey. This bugged for me. In the winter transfer i got financial takeover. Then the game bugged so I had to start over and now I cant get it anymore on my save.

  • Hello,

    Can you do this financial take over more than one times on the same team?

  • Mine did not trigger can anyone help me with what to do to get it to work??

  • Can you use it on different manger modes or is it just the one you can use it on

  • What happens if I redeemed a financial takeover and then decided to delete that career? Will I be able to do it again in the new one I start?

  • I redeemed the financial takeover on fifa 15 and it only worked for 2 season can u help so it does it every season!?

  • only able to get it to work for the first season. after that there is nothing can anyone help.

  • I activated the financial takeover & gave me 50 million the next season it took it away. WHY? IS THERE A WAY OF GETTING IT BACK? PLEASE HELP x

    • There seems to be a glitch in the game, however you should have spent that money as the board change the transfer budget and wage budget each seas. Next time you get that amount of money you should make sure to spend it instantly to avoid losing it the next season Chloe. Hope this helped.

  • Of anyone wants to trade FT on ps4 my id is mayhemmiller92

  • I bought both lvl 9 & 39 financial takeover in career mode and looks like it’s still not working for the second season.

  • I don’t have my Fifa 15 online , never have and don’t have any intentions , I was just wondering if anyone could help me … Is there a cheat to have unlimited money when you play offline in career mode ???

  • Can you.use the same financial take over.in different careers? Like lets say you use it for.Dortmund then you start a new career with Shalke 04. Can you use it again ?…& does it work for the second season?

  • i got the financial take over but how ever i did a new season and finished it when it came to the next season i didnt get any money does it only work on 1 career ?

  • I redeemed level 9 financial takeover and no funds were added, so I redeemed level 39 and again no funds were added. any ideas?

  • I redeemed a level 9 financial takeover, it worked for the first season, but it hasn’t worked in the second season. My transfer budget last year was 60million, this year it was just 20 million.

  • Will you Gift it to me on Fifa 16