How To Fix The Lag In-Game Solved

How To Fix Lag In FIFA 15

How To Fix Lag In FIFA 15

We’ve received word from a number of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team users that there’s a terrible lag and slow frame rates going on in the game, so we set out to find a solution to this problem. The majority of gamers that reported this issue to us had the BT Homehub as their major broadband service supplier, whilst others were with Virgin Media and Sky,

Troubleshooting: What To Do

What we found out whilst investigating these issues was that the UPnP option on routers (especially the BT Homehub) was unfortunately interfering with the connection to the infamous EA Servers. We have a couple of ideas below that you should implement immediately if you want to get rid of that dreadful lag in FUT 15.

  • Login to your router and make sure to untick the UPnP option
  • Reset your Modem or hub by switching it off for 30 seconds by the mains and restart it up again
  • Look out for EA updates to FUT maintenance on Twitter (This is a big cause for lagging)

Electronic Arts should released a fix for the problem in the next week or so as they’ve already released one for Madden 15 so one is almost certainly imminent. We’ll update you on our social media platforms so follow us on there if you have any questions regarding FIFA 15.