How To Unlock Classic Kits In The EASFC Catalogue

We wanted to do a post on showing people how to unlock the classic kits in FIFA 15, and this can be done easily by accessing the EASFC Catalogue from the main menu.

So the first thing to do is go into the virtual catalogue which is located on the home tab on the right-hand side and then enter it. Once you’re inside you’ll need to take notice of the tabs at the top and look out for gameplay as that’s the one that you should be looking for.

There you will see a variety of classic team kits that you can use in the game. All you have to do is select it and redeem now and the items will not only be available as soon as you o into kick-off or career mode, but they’ll also go straight into your Ultimate Team game too the next time you load it up. You can watch our quick under two minutes tutorial below in super HD if you’re a visual kind of person and that will run you through the process step-by-step.

All you have to remember whilst redeeming not just these kits, but any item in the catalogue is that you must have leveled up to the level that the item is at and have the XP points necessary to unlock the item. These XP points can be acquired by just literally playing through the game and they mount up at a very quick rate. You’ll also level up every now and again which will get you closer to redeeming those all-important items.