FIFA 15: Cheap Under 10K OP (BPL) Squad Builder

Having passed up the opportunity to do some last year, we thought we’d do a cheap FIFA 15 BPL (Barclays Premier League) under 10K squad builder on Ultimate Team. The players featured in this squad builder are all OP (overpowered) and cost next to nothing to purchase with FUT coins.

You can acquire all of these players for under 10,000 coins and start building a strong dream team that can win games in no-time. Check out the video tutorial we done below and see which players made the starting eleven.

We also got the chemistry up to 100 as well which was the final component and we thought it was important to get that up as players tend to play better with their passes and shots more accurate the more the chemistry is up. So we got it as high as we could and this was even without a manager as well.

Let us know what cheap overpowered players you use in FUT 15 that are based in the Premier League by using the comments section at the footer of this page. We’ll be doing more squad building videos in the future as well, so give us an idea on what start budget and league you would like us to cover next.