The Best Serie A Young U21 Players Potential On FIFA 15

So following on from the best U21 players from the EPL, we now focus our attention on the Italian Serie A league and the best young players potential on the FIFA 15 career mode. Loads of gamers want to find out every year which youth players will grow to a high potential and become overpowered on the manager mode, so we cover the videos and showcase the players for you. Check out the video that we uploaded to our official YouTube channel below and find out who’s the best in Italy’s top tier of football.

As you can see, there’s a couple of players that acquired complete midfielder and complete forward along with a variety of specialties and traits along the way as well. Every single player that you see in the footage above went up and developed more than once, which is quite incredible really and it pleased us that they grew so quickly.

We’ll be covering more under-21 OP players with huge potential with the La Liga BBVA as the next league that we will be showcasing. So either check back to the site periodically or subscribe to our YouTube channel and get notifications every time we upload a video. Our social media platforms will also remind you if you follow us on them as well.

Let us know in the comments section at the footer of this page what players in this list you got higher than us as we’d be interested to know.

  • Hi there it’s more of a question then a comment. I like to bring players up from
    The youth squad the ones I turn into stars always want to be transferd why???

    • You might need to play them more buddy. It also seems that the players who request transfers are usually within the top 5 best players in the squad. Try tying them up to long contracts early.