FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Cheats (Fast Coins)

After supplying our readers on here and our subscribers on YouTube with Career Mode cheats, we thought it’d only be fair to give out some FIFA 15 Ultimate Team cheats as well. This trick will end up gaining you loads of coins easy and fast and is the most effective way to build up your stack. You can easily reach 50 or 60K FUT coins in a matter of hours with this technique.

As the video above explains, the first step is to go into the EASFC catalogue and redeem the FUT 15 coin items from various different levels. Make sure that you don’t unlock them all at once as we do not advise that you do this, instead you should use the games remaining and then move onto the next level up after that.

Once you’ve unlocked the coin bonus from the catalogue then you must go into Ultimate Team and play a single player tournament instead of an online match. This is just so that your DNF (Did Not Finish) isn’t effected by the method we use.

Simply select any tournament that takes your fancy and start up the first round of 16 game and go straight into the match skipping all the cut-scenes and squad selection. Straight after the referee blows the first whistle you should press the start button and go to the bottom left corner and select forfeit match. As we already mentioned, this will not effect your DNF modifier.

Now the coins bonus that you got from the catalogue will boost your budget and your coins will go up in the top left corner in the FUT hub. We hope these cheats help you out in building your team and you can leave a comment below at the footer of this page or on our YouTube channel regarding these cheat codes.


  • By using this “method” you use your players contracts by entering the match and then quitting without the matchbonuses you could have gotten. Yes, you will get the bonus coins fast – or that depends on what fifa lvl you are. Don’t see the idea in doing this anyways. I think you should just get the coin bonuses in the way EA intented you to and enjoy the game while getting them..

    • Hi Ken,

      Thanks for the comment, yeah you’re absolutely right about the contracts but they get chucked at people left-right and centre in packs and they don’t really cost anything to be fair. This method is more for the how should we put it, inpatient FIFA gamer that cannot wait to get coins the long route way.

  • but what happens after the 10 games….?

    • After the 10 games are up the coins will stop for that specific item out of the catalogue, all you have to do then is unlock another coin item at another level from the catalogue and rinse them coins too Tom.

  • Hi I got Milner IF for 11000 coins and do you think his price will grow? If not whose price will? I have a low budget like about 20k. Also, when will player prices grow or fall again? Sorry for asking these many questions because I am new. Thank you!

  • But wouldn’t this method also build ur loss ratio, like since ur forfeiting, isn’t it gonna show a loss each time in ur overall record ? Any reply would help

    • Yes it would. It adds a loss each time you do it. So if you pride yourself on an accurate WDL record it’s not worth doing.

  • So the boost points chosen in the catalogue would restart again or no???

    • They wouldn’t restart again, but there are quite a few at different levels as you level up by playing the game. So you just got to unlock them and redeem them.

  • Hi fellas stuck on level 20 atm anyone know how to progress and unlock stuff ?

  • guys could u also check to see new ways to earn coins n tips for fifa15 ultima team in isoido and android also

  • Hey Ken,

    Go sck a dck if you don’t want to participate, but quit being the good schoolboy cuz in the meantime EA fcks you in the ass. Look at the amount of updates we get…. NONE. So getting a little back for the money I put in buying this game isn’t that unfair now is it…

    • Hey fgt, next time you wanna call someone out for being smarter than you try not being such a sissy btch. It’s not my problem FUT15 is the most expensive thing you own. Go mow another lawn and buy some moar Taco Bell, and take it straight back to your mothers basement where you live. After you crush a 64oz Coke Heavy, squeeze the contents of a bean burrito into your gaping hole. Pro tip: the leftover tortilla feels just like a real woman’s vag. Viola, coin city you fkn turd!

  • I like this fifa 15 cheat

  • thanks for this yeah…i’m on level 56 anyone want hook ups add me psn id jaklam14 holla 🙂

  • Great video for quick profits! Imho, best way for more patient players is play amateur single player seasons. With coin boost they can result to 1500 coins in profit (taking used contracts into account). On Amateur level one can score 5 goals very quickly (usually takes me 2 minutes max) and then just use his/her time to do something else while the game goes on (for example I study a new language at the same time).

    If you have trading tips that won’t take forever I would much appreciate if you could share them!

  • ey but if the 10 over how can i do the cheat than ?

  • It is indeed a waste of contracts. So you might put bronze players in your selection.

  • Why didn’t I get my coins my team is 1 2

  • Well I just tried the tournament to get quick coins I quit soon as game ends and it didn’t gimme no coins and used 1 contract for every player why didn’t it work on ps3???

  • ty,this videos is good for me.

  • it rreally works but it makes your record go down

  • Nice tips. thanks for sharing 🙂

  • its fun

  • very nice brother thanks.

  • Kannst du mir 1000.000 geben

  • Hayden Mathew

    Thanks for the info. It comes with lots of advanced features.

  • Is it possible in new season of Fifa 15

  • Can this be done In new season of Fifa 15

  • Can you please give me or hack me in a few million coins please just to make a sick la liga team please becuase i bought coins and they scammed me so i cant buy coins cause i cant trust them

  • is there any cheat code to raise coins?