FIFA 15 Be A Pro: Best CB Build Tutorial

Having already done the tutorials on the best Striker, and CAM build for Be A Pro, we now turn our attention to the best tips to give out on the CB build for your player on FIFA 15 Pro Clubs. We’ve done a little tutorial below which you can watch in super 1080p HD and learn what build including height, weight etc to give to your centre back.

We received a lot of positive comments on previous videos but one request stuck out the most, and that was gamers asking us to include gameplay of the pro in action whilst in a match. So we’ve included gameplay after the tutorial finished to show you what he plays like when on the field of play.

The player that we created played really well in the opt-in match and won quite a lot of tackles, beat opposition players in the air with his great heading stats, and played the ball simple with passes to the player next to him in-order to keep possession of the ball. This player isn’t going to have pace, so that’s something that you’ve got to remember. He’s more of a physical presence on the pitch and a leader that likes to take the game by the scruff of the neck and bully opponents off the ball.

As long as you play deep at the back in defence, you should be alright just remember not to come out of position too much and stay in your appropriate defensive zone. Keeping a neat back-line could be the fine line in winning matches and being on the wrong end of a defeat. Leave your comments on what you think about the CB that we created by using the box that’s designated at the footer of this page.

We’ll be back with more Pro Clubs tutorials in the future as we look to build the best Goalkeeper to save more shots and concede fewer goals. Make sure you never miss a post by either checking back here at the official website or subscribing to our YouTube channel.