The Best Young Under-21 Bundesliga Players Potential On FIFA 15

We are back with our best young under-21 players potential for the FIFA 15 career mode and it’s the German Bundesliga that we’re covering next in this post. By watching the video below you’ll get tips on the best future youngsters that are stars in the making and will develop really fast and eventually achieve a high potential after just a few seasons.

As you can see from the footage above, it’s full of players who have gone up in overall rating by a considerable margin and i only played up until the year 2024. Remember people that EA have released a brand new feature this year that allows for more realistic retirement options for older players in career mode. This means that back in previous installments players were retiring at silly ages like 29 or 30 and you wouldn’t have them in your team for very long.

Now however, players retire at a more reasonable and realistic rate which is either in their late thirties or early forty’s which can only mean a good thing. So even though most of these players at 2024 were around 30 years old, they’ll most likely still develop and go up in rating. If not, then at least you’ll have them in your squad for years to come so you can have plenty of game time with them.

There are a couple of players in this list that get complete defender and complete forward and i highly recommend that you buy them for your team on manager mode. These players are absolute tanks and will be the best type of player in their respective position being completely overpowered for you and performing on a consistent basis.

Interestingly there are two players from this video that went up an incredible 25 times! That’s absolutely mind-blowing and is a new record as far as us doing these best U21 videos are concerned. On the whole, this German Bundesliga squad was not disappointing at all and we were really pleased with the results. The goalkeeper (Timo Horn) is an absolute beast, and he is the best young keeper that we’ve found on FIFA 15 so far in this series.

Check out the full starting eleven below, we’ve left out the rest of the players but if you want to see them then just watch the video above and you can also see what overall stats they started with, and what i got them to as i explain in the footage.

GK: Timo Horn
CB: Kaan Ayhan
CB: Marian Sarr
CB: Niklas Sule
LM: Bernat
CDM: Junior Malanda
CDM: Johannes Geis
RM: Leon Goretzka
CAM: Tim Dierßen
ST: Arkadiusz Millik
ST: Gian-Luca Waldschmidt

Please let us know if you buy any of these players in your manager mode and tell us what rating you eventually got your players to by using the comments section below. All of these wonderkids will win you plenty of silverware for your saved game so have faith in them and make sure you play them regularly to improve development. We’ll be back with more best young player tips and tutorial videos soon with the French Ligue 1 our next stop. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date or check back to the official website periodically to never miss a thing.

  • How do I play career without the internet please??


    There’s a great feature in Fifa for the Wii where you could put players in training and every four games they’d go up by 4/5 overall points. Best of all: you could get them to 99 and sell them for millions, and because of bad programming their overall would reset to like 48. XD
    BTW a ß means ‘ss’ in German.

  • how do you get to 2024 and see for any club what players they have?

  • Where’s Matthias Ginter? I’m 5 years into a career with Everton and I bought him about 2 seasons in, and he’s 87 overall now.