FIFA 15 Attacking Tips: Crossing Tutorial

So this is a tutorial on how to score from crosses on FIFA 15 and we’ll be giving out some top tips on scoring from headers nearly every-time you cross the ball. Headers have pretty much always been overpowered and it’s still one of the proven methods of winning matches on the game. Take a look at the video tutorial that we uploaded to our YouTube channel below and watch all of the step-by-step hints and methods that we give out to help you.

We can give you a list that you should always remember before deciding to whip a ball into the opponents penalty box, and they are as follows.

  • Try and get to the byline
  • Always face in the direction that you’re crossing
  • Get the correct power on the cross according to where the player is positioned in the middle
  • Use strikers with fantastic physical and heading attributes
  • Watch for the centre-forward to see if he is in-between the two centre-backs
  • Try mixing it up and using the low cross now and again

The only thing that you need to do yourself for these tips to help you is get into a crossing position yourself, but you don’t even need to do that if you check out our amazing passing tips and skill move tutorials. When you do get into these dangerous positions, you should always face the way that you’re crossing as it’s more effective and gives off better results. For improved conversion you should make your player go all the way to the byline as if it’s about to go out of play for a goal kick and then cross the ball. We’ve found that these crosses more often than not end up as a goal or at the very least and attempt on target.

Using strikers with decent heading, jumping and physical stats will boost your chances considerably, and we highly recommend that you invest in a player like Cavani, Falcao or players of that magnitude. We personally use Benteke on our FIFA 15 Ultimate Team account and he’s one of the most OP heading CF players in the world not just the BPL.

As you’ll see in the above footage, we show a specific clip in which Benteke gets in-between the two opposition defenders which are the CB pairing and that’s the position in which a good striker should get himself into. Footballers are taught this neat little trick at a very early stage in their development with their respective youth academy. It’s a highly effective technique that give the ST the advantage in an Arial battle.

We hope that these tips ensure that you get many goals on FIFA 15 and to stay up to date regarding videos you can always subscribe to our YouTube channel. If not then we always post them straight onto here on the official website.