FIFA 15 Corner Tips: The FIFASolved Corner Glitch Tutorial

There are many different ways to score goals from corner kicks, but we’ve found our own little technique that works perfectly and nearly always ends in a goal. This is a tutorial on the FIFASolved Corner Glitch where we will show you how to score from corners on FIFA 15 with absolute ease.

This method is tried and tested from around 100 corners we took on Ultimate Team and the majority either ended in a goal or a goal-scoring chance. It’s never been seen before and is a great way to improve your ratio when taking the deadliest set-piece in the game. Watch the 1080p HD video tutorial below to get a better idea of how it works and then implement it into your game-plan for best results.

The footage lasts just under 5 minutes and it’ll teach you the best three ways of making sure you come out on top when battling for those Arial balls from corner kicks. The first step is to always select edge of box run as that’s the formula for this specific technique to actually work. If you decide to select any of the other options then this method will likely not pay-off and it will be pointless in you following our other steps to success.

What you’ll be doing here, is simply lofting a ball to the far post where your two strikers will be, they’ll then header the ball down to a teammate that’s ghosting in at the near post for a tap in. 9 times out of 10 it ends up in the back of the oppositions net and you get a goal from it.

This way of playing isn’t always on however, and you’ll have to be a quick thinker in-order to change your tactics mid-flight. If the standard header into the back of the net is on then you should take the opportunity with both hands. You will need to see the position of the opposition defender as players usually put someone on the line so it’s best to aim for the opposite corner when banging a header in from reasonably close range.

Having two really good centre-forwards that are fantastic in the air at winning Arial battles and getting their head on lofted balls will be half the battle won already. You will need at least one striker like this in-order for the FIFASolved Corner glitch to work best for you. If you’ve got a striker or both in-fact that are not that good at headers then you may find that it won’t be as effective for you.

What we noticed when testing this out, is if you don’t score from the first wave of attacks, then you seem to get a second chance which we’ve called the second ball. This is where the opposing player heads the ball out only for it to only land nicely in the feet of one of your players so you still have another attempt at creating a goal-scoring opportunity. So maybe bare that in mind when performing this method and get creative with the second ball once you have the chance.

That’s it for this tutorial, we’ll be giving out more FIFA 15 attacking tips on here (the official site) and on our YouTube channel to which you can subscribe to so you get all the content first and notified every single time we upload a video. Please leave your comments in the section below if there’s anything you didn’t understand from this tutorial and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to try and clear things up and help you out.