FUT 15 – 84 Rated Paul Pogba IF Player Review

It’s not so often that we do any type of player reviews for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team in-form players or normal players for that matter, but we simply had to do one for the Paul Pogba 84 rated IF that we got out of our last pack opening. He’s so overpowered it’s actually unbelievable, and he is so good that he literally is the complete midfielder in ever sense of the word. Take a look at the player review we uploaded to our YouTube channel below and see in-depth analysis of his FUT card.

This IF Pogba can defend, attack, score goals from close range, score goals from distance with his tremendous shot power and long shot stats. He has the lot and if you have a spare 250,000 coins available in your Ultimate Team, then we highly suggest you buy him from the transfer market and add him to your squad immediately.

His price may go up in the coming weeks, so it’s best to act swiftly on this one and bag him for your team whilst the price is at a reasonable rate. He is definitely worth a lot more than that! Almost priceless you could say and if you are building either a French Ligue 1 team, or using French players from a BPL (Barclays Premier League) team then he should fit in nicely with the chemistry of your squad.

The fact that he possesses amazing passing, physical and shooting attributes many of you might think to convert him to either a CAM or leave him as a CM. This is not recommended by us as he seems to be made for the CDM (central defensive midfield) role to protect your back four like a Patrick Vieira or a Claude Makélélé type player. There’s then the added bonus that he can strive forward with his sensational dribbling stats and chip in with the odd goal as well for you.

All you have to do is get a position change card for CM to CDM and make sure you’re playing with a formation that supports the CDM role in the middle of the pitch. One of the most astonishing things about this Paul Pogba IF card is that his physical stats is 90 overall which is just remarkable. He is almost impossible to knock off the ball as his balance, strength and aggression is second to none. Let us know how well he plays for you if you decide to get him by using the comments box at the footer of this page.

  • Guys, a technical question, I got a couple of those IF Pogba’s for 250k each around 10 days ago, the prices were skyrocketing but I just didn’t remember selling them, now I see the prices are dropping due to a strong TOTW, should I just wait? Will they go back up?