FIFA 15: Cheap La Liga BBVA Under 10K Squad Builder

So if you’ve not got many coins on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team then this video tutorial will really help you as it’s a cheap under 10K La Liga BBVA squad builder. All of the players included come up to less than 10,000 gold coins once combined and are completely OP (overpowered) in FUT. Watch the video below to see which players made the final squad and we’ve also thrown in some gameplay of an online match with these tanks for good measure too.

Some of the cheapest squads that you can put together on FUT can sometimes be the best and this team certainly falls into that category. There’s an 84 rated player, and some real machines in defence as the midfield and strikers are also capable of winning you matches against online opponents.

We previously covered the BPL and Italian Serie A for cheap squad builders, but this time we thought we’d do one for the Spanish La Liga so that gamers can put together a team that compete in any match for minimum investment. In the game that i played i ended up victorious and coming out as 3-1 winners with three completely different scorers. In the video footage you can see the goals i scored as I’ve kept the match highlights in of all the goals and chances.

One thing that will be a surprise to most is we chucked in a bonus player for the left side of midfield (LM) so there’s actually two left sided players and it’s your choice as to who you’ll pick for your club. We don’t normally add alternate players to our squad builders and it is a little unusual but everyone likes a bonus so we’ll leave it up to you to decide on that front.

The video is just over eleven minutes long and you can watch it in super 1080p HD and there’s plenty of tips I’ve given out on how to play with these players. I have also included the prices i payed for each in the transfer market, so that you know how much to purchase them when entering the auction rooms on Ultimate Team. Some of them we packed so i have still told you the average price they go for on the market anyway.

This video was originally uploaded to our official YouTube channel and you can subscribe by clicking the button at the end of the video to stay up to date. We’ll have more squad builders for you in the near future as we cover more of the top leagues. Let us know who you feel is overpowered in Liga BBVA by using the comments section at the footer of this page.