The Best Young U21 Players Potential In French Ligue 1 On FIFA 15

Having nearly come to the end of the best under-21 players potential on FIFA 15 career mode, we now produce to you the best youngsters that the French Ligue 1 has to offer. We can assure you that you’ll not be disappointed in the slightest as their are some unbelievable high rated players from this squad. Take a look at the in-depth video that you can watch in 1080p below.

We actually broke two separate FIFASolved records in this video, one being that we managed to acquire 5 complete forwards from one league which we’ve never done before, and secondly we got one player in particular up to 90 overall rating from a 63 rating that he started with which means he developed and went up around 27 times in total. That player is none other than Allan Saint-Maximin of Saint-Étienne and he still was reasonably young when we stopped the simulation at the year 2023. In all honesty he could probably go up in rating even more if we played out another couple of seasons with him.

The strikers are the real plus to take away from this installment though, as there’s five of them who’re absolute tanks and score goals for fun. It was really enjoyable playing with them and seeing them develop so quickly and by quite a margin too. I’ve not only told you the entire squads starting and ending overall, but i also included the club names so that you can go out and buy them for your tea,m on your saved career mode.

The goalkeeper turned out to be okay as well, the only problem is he’s literally the only goalie in the division that seems to have any type of potential growth about him. All the others were absolutely shocking and not worth bothering with, so we kept Salvatore Sirigu as the only remaining experienced player in the entire 30+ man lineup.

The problem position this time out as there always is one was unfortunately the centre backs, but most of them still developed but just not quite as well as i wanted them to. The wingers and all variety of midfielders turned out completely overpowered and are well worth getting for your own manager mode.

As per usual i play a half of football on 4 minutes and show you the players in real action on the pitch and talk through their strengths and what exactly they’ll bring to the table if you were to sign them on your saved game. Due to comments from gamers in previous videos, i also highlighted which players get their names called out by commentators Martin Tyler and Alan Smith.

The rest of world will be the next U21 video coming on our official YouTube channel and here at the website next, so make sure yy stay up to date and subscribe to us on YouTube and/or check back here on the site in the coming weeks ahead.

  • On my Chelsea career (currently 2022), I have an exceptionally marvelous squad. My starters are Graham Burke (starting at 59 and went to 91!!!), Messi at 95, Enes Ünal at 91, James Rodriguez at 93, Arjen Robben at 88 (got him to 92 but he is now 37), Eden Hazard at 91 (was at 93 but is going down), Junior Malanda at 89, Tomâs Kalas at 89, Aymeric Laporte at 91, Alex Telles at 87, and Manuel Neuer at 94 with subs such as Ben Daoud from my youth squad who is 19 with an 80 overall and who already has complete defender!!!, a goalkeeper from my youth squad who started at 75 overall at 16 yrs old is now 20 with an 81 overall, and a few others, such as a striker named Josh Onovwigun, a 20 year old with an 82 overall

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