FIFA 15 Passing Tips: Lobbed Through Ball Tutorial

In this latest tutorial, we are going to show you how to perfect the lobbed through ball passes on FIFA 15 so that you can score more goals and win considerably more matches by putting your striker one-on-one with the opposition goalkeeper. We’ve put together a video tutorial that you can watch below in HD quality and learn all the basics in under five minutes.

We’ve been giving out all of our top attacking, defending and skill tips in the past couple of months and we did do one tutorial on passing from the back. So this is to follow on from that and show you how to pass the ball like a pro up the other end of the field in the final third. This is when football matches can be lost or won and it’s important that you create chances for your forwards as many times as possible if you’re to be victorious online and against the computer controlled AI.

I’ve put in examples of situations which you might find yourself in when playing FIFA 15, and i have also added arrows, circles and talked about what you should do and when you should do it. You shouldn’t ever try the lobbed through ball if your striker is facing towards you as it’s a complete waste of time. Instead you should either pass it back or around the pitch for a while or dribble round some players if you are quite good at doing that and also if you have the player that’s capable of such skill.

What you need to do is wait until the striker is facing the way you’re shooting, and if he’s in line with the defenders and onside then you should do the lofted through pass as it may result in a goal-scoring opportunity. One aspect of this method that i show you though, is you really do have to pick the appropriate strikers for this to work successfully for you every-time.

We recommend that you go with pacey, overpowered strikers that also are blessed with decent ball control stats or a big old-fashioned centre forward who’s got plenty of physical presence about him. we hope that this tutorial has been of great help for you and you can subscribe to our YouTube channel to get notifications of when we upload videos as soon as we do. Check the passing tips tag from our main menu at the top of the page to find more great content that’ll teach you loads of knowledge about the game.