The Top 10 Overpowered Midfielders On FIFA 15

So after publishing the top 10 best goalkeepers and defenders list, we now focus our attention on the top ten most overpowered midfielders on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team and Career Mode. This was a very hard category for us to nail down ten candidates and caused us a lot of headaches along the way. However we did eventually come up with a list of players which we’re sure you’ll all agree are extremely OP in the game this year.

Take a look at the HD video above where we go through the players one-by-one and explain why they’re so overpowered and and how to use their strengths when playing with them wither in the manager mode or FUT. There’s a lot of wingers in there but there’s also a player for every position just to cover all formations that gamers might use. For those of you that aren’t too keen on watching videos and prefer to read, here’s the full list of players starting from number one down to the tenth spot.

  1. Theo Walcott
  2. André Schürrle
  3. Paul Pogba
  4. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
  5. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
  6. Philippe Coutinho
  7. Rémy Cabella
  8. Leroy Fer
  9. Jesús Navas González
  10. Fredy Guarín

Next up we’ll be covering the most OP attackers that FIFA 15 has to offer and that’s going to be an absolute cracker with some really decent players in the mix. Leave your opinion on who you feel is overpowered in midfield for you and your team by using the comments box below.


  • I want neymar messi ronaldo

  • You gotta try Abou Diaby. I’m not a Gooner but my flatmate is. He uses Diaby from Fifa13 through to now and in FUT. He’s so OVER POWERED. I have him in my squad too now. He can play CAM CM and CDM all very well. Feels like Pogba and Yaya Toure when you use him and sometimes he is even more reliable. He is agile, when he dribbles he can easily make a change of direction of pace. He’s very hard to be tackled probably because he’s got long legs and he’s strong too. I often pass lob through ball to him and he can take on Defenders like Sergio Ramos and Thiago Silva and past them….then score. I don’t understand how can he be so overpowered while his rating and stats are not so good. You gotta try him man. I’ll check your posts for testing Diaby.

  • For CDM, Busquets is a star. He has impressive defensive attributes, and his technical abilities make him versatile. Not that fast or strong though.

  • please what’s the meaning of over powered

    • It’s when a player doesn’t necessarily play like his overall suggests, but instead he plays ten times better like an 81 rated player but on the pitch he plays like an 88 rated player. That’s what OP (overpowered) means.

  • Barkley (Everton). He’s rated 79, plays high like an in-form 87. Excels in all phases–ball winner defensively akin to Matic or Pogba. Nice pace/ dribble weighting. He can definitely get past defenders on the counter. His shooting is very similar to D. Costa,powerful and accurate–even from distance. Overpowered game-winner for sure.

  • Ahmed Musa (Nigerian) from CSKA Moskow is one overpowered player at rating 80 plays like a 90+ striker. He is a must Buy player