FIFA 15 Best Young U21 (ROW) Players Potential

In the latest installment of the series, we’ve done a video on the FIFA 15 best young under-21 players potential growth for the ROW (Rest Of World). We were going to do the Dutch Eredivisie or American MLS (Major League Soccer) but there are players from all major leagues apart from the ones we’ve covered, in this video which you can watch below in 1080p HD.

This latest video includes loads of record broken in regards to previous installments that we’ve personally done over the years gone by. There are more 90+ rated players than ever before, there’s more complete defenders, complete midfielders and complete forwards than ever before. Plus there are a couple of specific players that went up in overall rating and developed more than 30 times in well under 10 seasons.

The end resulting team is absolute Beast, and the starting lineup is completely full of players who’re rated at over 90 and have loads of specialties and traits. Some of the leagues i raided were the Liga Adelante, A-League, Austrian Bundesliga, Allsvensken, SPL (Scottish Premier League), Elstraklasa, Belgian Pro League, Tippeligaen and many more. There are some hidden gems located throughout these leagues worldwide, you’ve just got to uncover them.

We decided to provide you with more information than we have ever given before as well, some of the details that we shared with you are the age the players are at the start of Career Mode. What specific club and league you can go and find the players from and then sign them up for your club. Plus i give you their starting overall stats and obviously what they ended up on when i stopped the simulation at the year 2025.

It’s best to play through the seasons rather than skipping them as the experiments I’ve carried out shows that they develop more effectively if played with in matches by a human. I tend to play all seasons apart from the very last one which i choose to skip. Loaning players out for a while or season can help them develop and even increase their potential in some cases.

Let us know what you think about this insane team by using the comments section at the footer of this page, and if you selected any of the players from this list, tell us what rating you got them up to as we’d like to know.