FIFA 15 Squad Builder: Under 20K OP (BPL) Team

After we done an under 10K and it got some good feedback, we thought we’d do an Under 20K overpowered BPL (Barclays Premier League) squad builder on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. This is the most sweatiest, OP team that will win you no-end of matches and you’ll be able to win the online tournament and get promotion after promotion in the online seasons. You can watch the video explianing everything in HD below.

This cheap squad can be assembled for under 20,000 gold coins on FUT and most of the players prices will drop considerably more once EA Sports have released the TOTY players which lands tomorrow evening. Gamers will start to sell all the players they’ve got in order to fund pack openings in the hope of landing a Team of The Year player. This is when you step in and buy this entire squad for a knockout-down price.

If you’ve already packed some of the players included then you obviously don’t need to worry about that, but at least then they’ll have loyalty to your club whilst bought players take at least 10 matches before they have any loyalty for your team. Most of the players cost around 1,000 coins but there are two in particular that make most of the budget up and they’re Loic Remy and André Schürrle respectively.

As ever i go through the entire team and explain why i got them and how overpowered they are in the game, then i go on to explain what chemistry styles you should attach to each individual. After that i show you the instructions that you should apply for a tactical advantage in your matches. Then finally i show you the highlights of one game i did with these tanks and what they can do on the pitch once assembled.

If you’ve missed any of our other squad builders then just got to the page dedicated to them from the main menu on our website, or via our squad builder playlist on our YouTube channel. Let us know in the comments section what beasts you’ve selected from this list into your team and how good they perform for you.

  • without the subs and the chemistry styles the teams only actually rated 68….but otherwise i really like this

  • For my forwards I also have remy who is great but I also have jovetic whose finishing is supurb. I got them both for under 1500 altogether