FUT 15 TOTY Pack Opening: Our 1st Legend Packed

After EA decided to release the awesome Team of The Year goalkeepers and defenders, we felt it was time to do a few FIFA 15 Ultimate Team TOTY pack openings. With the chance of finding those all shiny, all beautiful blue cards, we opened a couple of million coins worth of packs and pulled out first FUT legend of the season. Check out all the action below and watch in super HD straight from our website.

Electronic Arts were kind enough to release 25K packs on the first day and we open them as well as the unlimited amount of 15K packs that are also on show all week long. We’ve actually browsed around the Internet (YouTube) especially and there’s not a lot of people with luck on their side in regards to pulling a TOTY player out of a pack. In-fact a lot of gamers are struggling to find the blue cards this year more than ever before.

If you haven’t watched the video yet and don’t want a spoiler on which legend we get then it’ll be a good idea to stop reading on from here on-wards. We pull a 89 rated Gary Lineker legend card, as well as 88 rated Franck Ribery and 87 rated Luka Modrić from a free gold pack with the one rare inside. There’s plenty of other amazing players that we get out of it as well that include plenty of IFs (in-forms) but they are the real highlights of what turned out to be a lucky pack opening.

If you’ve missed any of our previous videos, then you can find all of them either here filed under (FUT Pack Openings) which is at the navigation menu on all our pages on the website, or via our official YouTube channel under the designated playlist. You can subscribe to our channel to stay up to date or follow our every move on social media so that you never miss a thing. We wish all our readers/viewers all the luck in the world and hope you all get a TOTY card before it all ends.