FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Full Winter Transfers

FIFA 15 Winter Transfers

FIFA 15 Winter Transfers

EA Sports have updated FUT 15 with all of the new winter transfers from players moving clubs in the January transfer window to their respected new clubs. You can see all of the players that have been confirmed as movers including Bony to Manchester City on the game below in the neat table.

With the transfer window in full swing and still open for possible moves, the developers are going to update all club swapping from now until it closes so that Ultimate Team stays up to date. The old cards with any of the transferred players old club will still be available in FUT along with the new updated card. Your old item won’t be updated but instead you’ll have to pack the new version of the players club.

EA Sports will also be doing upgraded stats for players shortly in the next week or so, which will mean some players will go up in overall rating whilst others will stall. Make sure to look out for that and we’ll keep you updated on all the news surrounding FUT right here on the official website and on our social platforms.

  • How long after the English January transfer window closes will it take to update all the new signings? because ive been waiting to start a arsenal career mode until after the deadline so all the new signings will be at their respective clubs. Ive got xbox one if that makes any difference? if you could get back to me by email that would be appreciated.
    Thanks Ashley

  • Hey fifa 15 you forgot about Gabriel Paletta he moved from Parma to AC Milan