FIFA 15 Shooting Tips: Advanced LongShot Tutorial

As it’s been a while since our last tutorial, we wanted to give out tips on how to do FIFA 15 long shots with ease and this guide will show exactly how you can do them comfortably every-time. Previously we covered the finesse shot technique and now we’ll explain in-depth shooting from distance. Check out the HD tutorial that we uploaded to our YouTube channel and watch the entire video to get a better understanding of how it all works.

As you can see there are 5 simple steps that you must follow in-order for our specific method to work best for you. They are in short:

  1. Types Of Players
  2. Finding Specialists Using Stats
  3. How To Shoot
  4. The power Gauge
  5. Gaining Momentum

Identifying The Right Types Of Players

The first step is quite possibly the most important one of them all, you seriously need to identify who can actually pull off long shots and who can’t. There’s a real easy way of gaining this information and that leads us onto step 2.

Finding Specialists Using Stats

Now you can find any players stats from the main menu in FIFA 15, from the home tab you should go to customize, then team sheets and then select the league and club you want to find your specific player in. Once you’ve located the player you want to check the stats for, you should press the right-stick in on either Xbox or PlayStation. This will then bring up all the players in-game statistics for you to browse though.

There are a few stats that you need to take note of and we’ve outlined which ones they are and what the attribute should be in-order for the player to fall into the category of a long shot taker.

Long Shots – This should be above 85 and is a crucial stat.

Shot Power – This can be above 80, but for best results try and find players with shot power at 86 and above.

Curve – This is more for finesse long shots and it should be above 86 for te player to be regarded as a specialist.

Traits – Long Shot Taker

Speciality – Distance Shooter

How To Shoot Correctly

Now you might think that all you have to do is hold down the shooting button and the ball will end up in the back of the net once you have a player capable of shooting from distance right? Wrong! There’s a specific way that you should pull the trigger and we’ll share the information with you now. When you’re holding the sprint button down (R2 for PlayStation) and/or (RT for Xbox) and you’re shooting from left to right and you’re pushing the left-stick rightwards towards your opponents goal you should not hold down the shoot button as well.

Instead hold sprint and left-stick, but let go of the sprinting button and immediately afterwards you should then start powering up the shoot button to the appropriate power. That’s all there is to it, and that leads us onto our next step which is shot power.

The Shot Power Gauge

Now getting this part right is one of the trickiest parts of scoring long distance rockets. If you’re shooting from 35 to 40 yards out then only players with shot power of 86 and above will be able to pull this off. You should put the power gauge up to around 3 bars and the shot should either go into the back of the net or at the very least hit the target.

For closer 25 to 30 yard shots, you should put in around two and a half bars of power for players with 86 shot power and 3 bars for players between 80 and 85. The best way to work this out is to select a player from your squad that possesses the ability to score wonder-goals from far out and simply practice with them in competitive matches until you nail it. Then afterwards you can start practicing with another player and get tit right with him too.

Final Step – Gaining Momentum 

If you want to increase your chances of your thunderbolts going in the goal even more then you can do this by gaining momentum for your team. This involves either doing a collection of skill moves before you pull the trigger, or you can use a players pace to dribble round your opponents and then fire, or alternatively the third way is to string a few passes together. The latter might be easier for gamers who aren’t really that good in the skills department and is just as effective.