How To Grow Young Players Potential On FIFA 15 Career Mode

How To Grow players Potential On FIFA 15

How To Grow players Potential On FIFA 15

If you have been trying to find a way to get your young under 21 players to grow their potential on the FIFA 15 Career Mode, then this is were you’ll learn how to do it. Watch the video tutorial below that’s available in beautiful high-definition as it explains in-depth the way you should do it.

Now one of the first components of this technique in-order to understand it is what order the status of the players are, from the worst to the best possible status. If you sign a young wonder-kid from another club then for a good season it’ll come up with “recently arrived from” then it will have the clubs name that you purchased the player from at the end of that specific status.

The next one up and it’s literally the worst and the one you really don’t want to see it “at the club since” with the year that the player has been at your club being at the end of that status. Up from that is “has that special something” then “showing great potential” after that which is the second best is “an exciting prospect” and finally the best one which is has potential to be special.

The last one is the one that you want to aim for, nothing less than that is acceptable really as the video explains how you can get all of your U21 youth players to 90+ rated at the peak of his career. If you have been a regular viewer of the U21 series that we’ve done this year, you’d have seen loads of players above 90 rating and a variety that have acquire complete defender, complete midfielder and complete forward.

All of those unbelievably world class players were a result of this little method that we are teaching you in this post. After you have acknowledged what order the statuses go in, it’s time to move on to the FIFASolved loan method.

This simply involves you loading your game back up after around 4 to 7 days have passed on the calender, if you go further than that and save your progress then you’ll be making a big mistake. You should just simply re-load your saved game back up again which you can do really fast by selecting continue career instead of load career and it’ll go to the last point in which you saved your data. Then simply load up every-time until you receive a loan transfer offer in from another club.

We’ve found also that going for the short-term loan instead of the season-long one seems to produce better results for some reason. What you have to do now is start loaning your young players out and then recalling them instantly, remember to save your game so you can load it back up before recalling though as this is important.

What this does is change the players status and you’ll be aiming for one of those high ones like either an exciting prospect or has potential to be special. You can do something like build it up over each loan and if you want to see what order they go in easily then we’ve ordered them for you below.

  • Recently Joined From…
  • At The Club Since..
  • Has That Special Something
  • Showing Great Potential
  • An Exciting Prospect
  • Has Potential To Be Special

Obviously it goes without saying that it goes from top to bottom with the latter being the best possible outcome and what you should be aiming to get your player to. With an exciting prospect however, your players will develop to a minimum of an 86 rating which isn’t too shabby and will still turn out to be a decent footballer.

One important factor that you need to remember when using this technique is not all players have the potential to be special on Career Mode. There’s quite a few that do but there’s a lot that don’t and if you’re having trouble finding the talent then check out any of our under-21 posts or videos from either here at the official website or via our YouTube channel. There’s literally hundreds of wonder-kids there and you’ll not be short of talent in your squad if you pick a few from all the major leagues covered.

Just simply click on our career mode or best young players tab from the menu and it’ll take you to the page with all the content there for you in one place. So that’s pretty much it for this tutorial on how to grow players potential, let us know how well it works for you by leaving a cheeky comment in the box designated at the footer of this page.

  • When you say recall them immediately, do you mean the same time that the loan offer is accepted or should you let a couple of days pass?

  • Does this still work as of today (April 24th 2015)? I’ve been trying with quite a few players and nothing has every changed, I recently did it with a youth CDM how started with “showing great potential” and recalled him about 15-20 times and nothing changed

  • One recommendation to add to the above strategy is that once you have loaned a young prospect out, save it ** PRIOR ** to recalling them. Players can skip multiple levels at one time, so by saving it prior to recalling them, you can keep trying until the player progresses to a high level.

    Once I (finally) was able to loan out Youri Tielemans, it took me about 7 tries to get his rating to get to Exciting Prospect, but it’s totally doable this way.

  • Back Up Bregade

    So I’ve got a couple of players that say ‘an exciting prospect’, and two that say ‘Has potential to be special’, after I’ve nade sure that all offers are refused, and saved it, what do I do? How do I grow their overall rating?

  • does it work on xbox 360?

  • I got most of my guys to has potential to be special and after the new season began, some of them returned to at the club since! Why would that happen?

    • Once they reach the age of 22 it goes away but don’t worry as they still have potential to be special and will reach a rating of 90 minimum.