FIFA 15 Tips: Advanced Counter Attack Tutorial

If you’ve been looking for a guide that shows you exactly how to do counter attacks on FIFA 15 then you have arrived at the right place. This is one of the most underused methods in the game and more players should look to implement into their game-plan as a backup strategy. See all the amazing tips in our in-depth video tutorial that you can watch in 1080p high-definition below and learn all the secrets to a devastating counter attack.

One of the key elements to success with hitting your opponent on the break is the special button, and this is the L1 button on PlayStation 3/4 and the LB button on Xbox One/360. If you are facing an opponent and you press this, it’ll tell that specific player to make a forward darting run into space and you can do this numerous times. Also, if you press this button immediately after you’ve passed the ball then that player that passed the ball to another teammate will then sprint forward down the pitch too.

There’s not a lot of FIFA gamers that know about this little trick and it’s extremely effective, especially when using it as part of your counter attack strategy. Hitting the opposition on the break is best used when your opponent either has a set-piece or a corner kick. This is because they’ll commit loads of players forward into your half including a centre-back or two and this paves the way for you to take full advantage.

There are two different types of counter attacks, one is a slow one where the openings are not quite as good as you’d like them to be therefore you have to slow the pace down a bit and wait for the chance to come. The other is breaking with blistering speed and scoring a goal from your opponents corner to the back of their net within a 20 second time gap. It helps to have wingers who’re blessed with lightning quick pace as this is a pivital component of this technique in-order for it to work properly for you.

If you follow all of these instructions you should be a counter attacking genius in no-time, you can always watch the video over and over again if you come unstuck and want to refresh your memory of how to do it. If you have any questions and need our help then leave a comment in the box below and we’ll try and answer any questions you may have as quickly as possible and with the best possible answer.


  • Can you take about controller settings? I usually use assisted but want to know if it’s worth using manual for through balls. Assisted through balls always seem to be almost too accurate. I was wondering your take on this. Thanks for all the info. Your work is amazing! Keep it up.

  • Can you guys leave an answer on how to best master a counter-attack on an android device .