The Top 10 Most Overpowered Strikers On FIFA 15

So it’s been quite a while since we covered the top ten best goalkeepers, defenders and midfielders on FIFA 15, and now it’s time to share with you who the top 10 most overpowered strikers are on Career Mode and Ultimate Team. There is no proper list and no fact as this is just our own personal opinion, but it’s pretty accurate and spot on so take a look and see what you think.

If you watched the 1080p HD video above you would have seen the list from ten down to the number one spot, there’s also some match highlights of some of the strikers scoring goals on FUT. There’s not game clips for every striker because otherwise the video content would have been far too long.

Here are the full list of ST and CF players that made the list starting from the top being the best right down to the tenth position, see below who’s made the number one spot.

  1. Adrián Ramos – Borussia Dortmund
  2. Seydou Doumbia – AS Roma
  3. Loïc Rémy – Chelsea
  4. Carlos Tevez – Juventus
  5. Alexandre Lacazette – Lyon
  6. Víctor Ibarbo – AS Roma
  7. Christian Benteke – Aston Villa
  8. Eduardo Vargas – Queens Park Rangers
  9. Daniel Sturridge – Liverpool
  10. Giovani dos Santos – Villarreal CF

The reason that Adrian Ramos is the best is because he’s incredibly overpowered, he has jumping at 92 and heading stats at 89 which means he scores 9 times out of ten if a ball is whipped into him from a cross. He is sweaty and scores either sitters with either foot and long range drives. The most important factor in him being a cut above all the rest though is the fact that he’s the current top scorer in FUT with millions of users scoring well over 6 million goals with him online.

Doumbia is well known for being an absolutely sweaty tank and a real pain in the backside in and around the six-yard box, he is sometimes literally impossible to tackle as the ball sometimes sticks to his feet like glue. That and given the fact that he’s recently been given a new card from the winter transfers into a major league such as the Italian Serie A it only makes him more desirable for players building Italian FUT squads.

We could literally make a good claim as to why all 10 of these strikers are here but we want to hear from you the fans. Disagree? Let us know in the comments box designated below what you think about the list and who you feel is the most OP forward in the game.


  • Benito raman is the hidden beast of them all. Unstoppable on the dribble and speed is ridiculous. 24 on my career mode. 80 rating. 50 goal per year scorer All competitions.

  • I’ve used all of them in your list except for Sturridge. I did not have great success with Lacazette, dos Santos, or Ibarbo. They were not useless but I can’t say I scored more than expected with them. I would agree with all of the rest. Doumbia scored 6 goals in the first three games I used him. Scores practically every time he gets a shot off in the box.

    Ever think of doing a FIFA UT top 10 under powered list? Would love to see something like that.

  • Ramos is an OP forward, but not near as bad as Diego Costa. FIFA makes him look like a god on the pitch, for those who know how to use strong forwards. And another thing, why is Lacazette number 5? That dude is way more overpowered than Remy.

  • i’v used lacazzete and tevez and they r gods on pitch better than aguero , zlatan or anyone