Your Official FIFA 16 Wishlist & Ideas

With around 5 months left until the new installment is out, we want you to give us all of your FIFA 16 ideas and suggestions from this wishlist. This can be anything you like, from a brand new feature that you want EA Sports to implement, to an improvement in the actual title.

There’s literally hundreds of improvements that can be adjusted either a number of glitches that are already in the game or new features that can be added. The servers on FUT seriously need to be fixed by the time that FIFA 16 is out as it’s one of the most common problems that raises so many issues in the online gaming area.

Electronic Arts will be providing additional info at the E3 event in May/June this summer and no-doubt they’ll do a massive reveal for FIFA 16 just like they have for previous version of the popular football video game. We want to hear your Career Mode, Ultimate Team and Pro Clubs wishlist so get your ideas in by using the comments box below and we’ll submit this web page to EA in the next month or so and they’ll take a good look at what the community really wants.


  • Fix Servers
    Do more stadium updates
    -A lot of teams in the game don’t even play their own stadium.
    More options to youth academy
    Update scouting things in career mode
    -When trying to scout people you don’t know their wages until you scout them for a few days even though if you go into buy or loan it shows you their wages which doesn’t make any sense.
    A lot of people hate the price ranges on FUT and so do I, but it would perfectly fine to have that if the price of Fifa points were a lot lower.
    Usually a couple of days before a match you can “say” something about your team/players or about the other team/or players, good or bad. I wish their was multiple options to chose what you want to say. Like for example if I went praise one of my players, in the news its says Blah Blah praises RVP and thats pretty much it. I want an options like Blah Blah praises RVP for the game winner against Manchester City. If it wasn’t for RVP’s late goal then Manchester City would that much closer to us in trying to take the title. So basically more options for what to do and more information given.
    Crowd look and act more realistic
    -Ex: I won the FA Cup with Manchester United against Liverpool, but even after I won the Liverpool fans were cheering me and my team on.
    -If you are beating a team or a team is beating you really badly then you can see some of the crowd leaving and hear the commentators taking about the crowd leaving.
    -Instead of 1/6 person wearing the same thing , I would like there to be more things for the crowd to wear.
    -The crowd look more realistic
    -I know they already have a lot of chants, but more is better
    -Had more people to the crowd as well. Like add kids, different looking people. Not the same white or black guy that are in each row twice.
    Chose the commentators in more languages
    Make be a lot better and more realistic
    You can chose how many friendly matches you want and be able to chose who take are against.
    -Not sure if its only me, but everything a get a lower rated team I always end up playing one of the best teams in the game. Like who was the smart guy that thought hat would be a good match to get us ready for the season.
    I know this isn’t east to perfect or svn be able to ever perfect it, but penalties are given way too easily.
    I have an Xbox 360 and I assume that PS3/4 tell you when a friend is online playing the same game. I think it would really cool if you could be able to watch your friend only when they are in a match. If your friend doesn’t want that then they can go to settings and say no or just be able to give access to certain people to watch them.
    There is a lot ore that I would love for them to fix and add to the game, but I can’t really think of anything else.
    Thanks for reading this!

  • We want referee mode

  • -more advanced contract negotiations, more options, make players haggle, clauses, agents, wage changes.
    -more advanced training procedures, rest days, individual training schemes, different focus points.
    -as a Grimsby fan, conference or national league teams, start lower and put players at the bottom who have potential.
    -more real life stadiums.
    -more advanced and different commentators, remove bug of player being out form, dropped but they still go on about “faith and give another chance”
    -more manager instructions, like change tactics mid game in career, like tempo change, where to use ball and easier to change positions.
    -allow for player instructions in ultimate team.
    -player ability change in ultimate team.
    -more advanced set-play and formation setup.

  • Fix the servers, and in career mode fix the friendlies, the crowd, the stadiums, the referee, and do the realistic gameplay to all leagues not just Barclays Premier League!!!!
    Oh, and also add the Greek Super League. I beg you PLEASE!!!

  • IF A player has a 5* Weak Foot And 80+ Free kick Accuracy He should be able to Take a free kick With Foot Of His Choice just like Cazorla And Other Players Do IRL

  • Non-next gen consoles:
    -In player career mode allow for a change in player morale, no more morale unknown
    -Handballs, what happened??
    -If it snows and it’s not winter, make the kit worn in the match their winter kit (long sleeves, etc..) not just gloves
    -Update haircuts in updates, Bale, Modric, Charlie Austin and Alexis Sanchez for example
    -Champions league copyrights please!!!!
    -More realistic trophies, the “Champions cup” trophy is not the same size as the FA Cup trophy
    -Interviews for players and managers after the match (long shot, I know)
    -If players supposedly know each other (international matches), in the prematch hand shake, they should greet like they do
    -Introduce penalty styles, Hazard’s walking to ball style for example
    -Training sessions for players in career mode
    -International anthems for both teams in a match should play in sync
    -More realistic captains in career modes, Ramires would not be captain before Ivanovic in real life further more Ronaldo should be captain of Portugal in career modes
    -In player career mode, if the manager loan lists a player, a club should attempt that player for a loan, the following season especially
    -Some players missing from the game, big fix (Robinho)
    -And finally next gen for Xbox 360 and PS3

  • Interview player after games especially in career mode. Show manager and subs reactions towards goals and shots. Practise every week especially in career mode. Latest hairstyles. When for instance playing career mode as player the player you created should earn their ovaroll if the want it strong just like in reality

  • And please add the South African (Premier Soccer League) League just as it is

  • -International competitions in player career mode
    -Preseason tournament in career modes, like the Emirates cup etc
    -Starting on the bench if manager feels the player should according to practices which should be there in player career mode
    -Running past the ball glitch
    -Managers in player career mode should be able to change for nations before different games, not just keeping to one the whole career
    -Weather should change during matches, from afternoon to evening

  • an under 18 and 21 premiership
    add good players not in game
    croatia ukraine bosnia serbia and african nations like ghana and nigeria
    brazilian league and conference + airtricity 2nd devesion
    realistic teams like moses starting over hazard
    have sky sports saturday crew giving reports like jeff

  • FIFA 16 should let you create your own team & have real players in it. So you can have some of the best footballers playing against each other.

  • To be realistic like la liga and ligue 1 u should have channels in for a like in commentary if u add Ray Hudson put bein sports live on top screen and maybe Fox sports 1. Plus put copa America in there make it look like the world cup game in cop a America add some Caribbean teams like Jamaica,Haiti and other teams. In career mode make ur player get to sign contracts with Nike or puma. A 1 on 1 conversation with manager. In big games like Elizabeth classics put like live television of group fans watching there team live in a different area of the world. At end make it like nba when u have a story and u try to improve it

  • We should be able to do something about the money we earn as players or coachhes in the career mode. A lot of times you would chose a contract offer among many based on the salary they offer you. So we should be able to spend that many on things or items to make it more realistic. I don’t see the point of having a salary if you can’t spend it.

  • Fifa 16 career mode wishlist
    -let any player reach any overal based on there performence. I once playied four seaons with a player named mark uth 68 ovr and 24 yrs old and top goalscorer all 4 season and only went to 69 i wouldlove to see him go to the 80s or 90s and big teams buy them with any player.
    – make a inform list like 20 players from each league that are doing good so that you can always buy someone whose inform and be able to look at all the informs and then have a team of the season also during international cups have players of the tournment so you can buy.
    – be able to apply to any club or international team bc i hate waiting for portugal to offer me i should just apply and have a resume
    – have a good creation center like kits stadium ticket prices sponsers coaching staff and so on
    – if your the coach of lets say spain you should have a player informsfor your nation too like if theres a spanish striker who is in great form you can know about it to call him up
    – have contracts with clubs so that when your contract ends you can either stay with the club or move on to a different club
    – in be a player mode also have contracts and make money actually count towards something like buying attributes and stuff so i can go to a team with a better contract
    – show real life manager with teams and have responses to player interactons
    – be able to train a player to a different position like if sanchez is a winger i can train him to be a striker
    – have teams make loan offers and be able to loan players not just youngsters
    – make fans extremely more fun to listwn to and more lively
    – also make sure teams are like there real life difficulty bc i hate when im man u and im versing QPR at home i lose 3-0 bc there playing amazing but when i play away to chelsea i destroy them 5-0 have it be more realistcally and if a team is in form have them be in form and play better
    – also if a team is losing why are they parking the bus if a team is losing they should be attacking to make sure they equalize i see this happen alot
    – add a training mode and coaches to raise stats and train players so that if i have a player doing good in training i can give him a shot in the next game
    – better celebrations and more intense cup matches and wins
    – have a manager resume have every cup matter and accomplishments like if you made a team an invinciable one season or not
    – have player stats stay like if im 5 years in i wanna see the stats of lets say ronaldo from 3 seasons ago i can do that
    – have cpu play more better offensivly like one two passes and shots from far out that can go in more of a variety bc i feel as if all they do is cross the ball and pray for the best
    – have cpu do skill moves and surprise us like if im playing against messi i want him to play as real life messi and dribble past my players and if do amazing passes and shoot from far out bc i feel when you play against big clubs and players there just another team or player have them stand out and surprise us this is how you can have little inform players get known for big clubs
    – fix gameplay

  • loganelliott2

    Improve servers
    -More national teams (especially in north America & Asia- especially teams that have recently been in the world cup) & more national team’s licenses (official logos & jerseys
    -Add cups like Gold Cup & Copa America
    -Add champions league teams/ include more teams in rest of world.
    -Add more stadiums (especially national team & MLS pitches)
    -Add more leagues (EA has been really good & really have a ton of leagues but I would always love to see more- obviously getting Brazilian league back would be superb)
    -Add champions league(s) (UEFA, CONCACAF, CONMEBOL)
    Bring back online origin features like create-a-team, player, downloading rosters, etc.
    Allow national teams to have larger rosters/ reserve pools to choose from in play modes
    -Add some of the top-flight player’s personal celebrations/ free kick/ penalty kick styles

    I know I sound greedy but if just a few of these were actually implemented, I’d be over the moon

    • And I forgot to mention adding some of the women’s national teams! Fifa has a golden opportunity to go into unprecedented territory and the women’s game is progressing in popularity.

  • For career mode when you play a championship team and you are promoted to the premier league they should change it into a premier league kit instead of the same championship kit.
    For competitons like champions league and europa league fa cup semi final legue cup final there should be kits with their offical logo on the side becuase when i play i keep seeing they’re league i am hoping ea will do this.

    Also they need to include more national teams and leagues like conference you so league 1 and 2 you might as well do confreence teams and a lot of other leagues which you didn’t put.

  • make the team sign contracts with differe nt sports brands like nike adidas and sponsors lie samsung fly emirates chevrolet why not even apple and google.

  • and can you add african leagues like sff first division

  • simon please add stadiums that you can upgrade



  • A couple of things for me..

    have currency mean something in player and manager career – unless im missing something – clubs offer you different wages… what does this mean – as a player or manager you cant do anything with said money so is there even a point?

    also and im hoping journey mode expands on this – the ability to counter offer as a player and ask for squad role on the contract table…

    Id also like for them to add a bench feature to career mode – something a few of my friends share the same opinion on….
    So you could sim (which ill get to) up until the time you are brought on the pitch – the timings would work similar to the ‘request/forced sub’ currently in place on player career but in reverse – you be the “super sub”

    finally i would love to see the return of Visual sim – it was a gem in the old games – it not only allowed you three ways of playing manager career – but would also work in the aforementioned bench system Visual sim was great – you could sim the action make subs as the game went on – and if it wasn’t going your way hop into the action and try to change things around late on… it adds a whole new dynamic to manager career that i think has been lost over the years