FIFA 15 Set-Piece Tips – How To Score Near-Post Corners

This is a FIFA 15 set-piece tutorial on how to score from near-post corners almost every single time that you’ll get one in a match on either Ultimate Team or Career Mode. You won’t score from this secret method all the time, but it’ll increase your conversion by more than double the chance of getting goals from set-pieces. Take a quick look at the video tutorial below that you can watch in super high-definition.

You will need a really decent centre forward and centre back in order for this technique to work. They don’t necessarily have to be the tallest in the world, but it does help having some height for obvious reasons. If you don’t have a player in these specific positions like that, then he’ll at the very least have to be overpowered with headers and Arial duels.

To score from the near-post you will need to grab your player that’s hovering around the opposition goalkeeper, and this player is usually the winger in your squad. What’s great about this is he’s more than likely one of, if not the smallest player in your entire team. To highlight him, simply press the right-stick on any console towards that specific player next to the keeper and then use the left-stick to move him down towards the corner flag in which you’re taking the set-piece from.

Once you have done this, you have to then use the specific set-piece tactics and all you have to press is down twice on the direction button. This will immediately activate the near-post corner tactics and it’s the same controls every time you play. What you will have done with your winger, is take one of the key opposition defenders out of the game and his height will be missed in the penalty box of your opponent.

The player that follows you is usually a RB, LB or one of the CB defenders that will most probably possess a great challenge to you in the air with headers. If the player doesn’t follow your winger and decides to stay then you should take the short corner as this is OP in itself and you can score via that route instead.

As you’ll notice if you watched the video tutorial, it literally resorts in a goal nearly every time the ball is crossed in from a corner using this method. If you want another way to diversify your play from corners and to score a different way from this, then you should check out the FIFASolved corner glitch that’s right here on the official website and on our YouTube channel under attacking tips.