FIFA 15 Dribbling Tutorial – Face-Up Dribbling Tips

This is a FIFA 15 dribbling tutorial on the face-up dribble feature in the game that’s extremely effective at creating space on the pitch and creating those all-important goal-scoring opportunities. These tips and tricks will make you a better player in a very short period of time if you practice and implement them into your game plan. First take a look at the HD video tutorial below as it’ll teach you in-depth how to perform the overpowered face-up dribble in FIFA 15.

One of the most effective ways to win games against either the computer controlled AI in career mode or indeed up against online opponents in FUT or Pro Clubs is by dribbling past opponents and retaining possession of the ball at all times. This comes easy using this technique as it uses close ball control so you can keep the ball close to your player whilst also confusing the opposition as to which way you’re going to turn next.

To start performing the face-up dribble, you simply have to press and hold down RT and LT on the Xbox or L2 and R2 for the PlayStation and you’ll be doing it instantly. The only control left to use after that is the left-stick to move your player where you want him to go. The best places on the field to use it are either on the wings, in the centre of the park or in the opponents final third, you don’t want to be using this in your own penalty area with your defenders as it may cost you goals at the wrong end if you get caught in possession by the other teams strikers.

If you watched the video tutorial above, you’ll notice that if you shimmy side to side from left to right or vice-versa you can really confuse the opponent. You can also get a big boost of pace if you let go of both the back buttons and then instantly hold down the sprint button (RT for Xbox) and (R2 for PS3/4) because it will make your player get a yard or two of space and knock the ball into an area that’s not vacated.

The face-up dribbling can be used by virtually any player that you want, but obviously it’s better to use players who possess decent dribbling stats in-game as it naturally delivers better results. Using this method players will run past you if you’re playing online because of the intensity and how fast the games are played. Against the AI it is also very useful in being patient with your play and waiting for the right moment to do that world class pass to open up the other teams defence and create a chance on goal.

The best place to use it though is the wing no-doubt as you can easily get past either of the side-backs left or right and then deliver a cross into the box for your striker to have a free shot at goal. If you are not using this handy feature then you should be implementing it into your game straight away as it’s one of the most effective ways of dribbling in FIFA 15.

Let us know if you use the face-up and if you have any questions regarding this then please do not hesitate you ask using the comments box designated at the footer of this page. You can also follow us on Twitter and Google Plus to ask us on social media as well.

  • hello,i am playing fifa 15 on android mobile therefore i dont know the R2 or L2 buttons can you plz tell me about these bottuns for mobile..