FUT 15 Pack Opening – Purple hero Card Bagged

FIFA 15 Pack Opening Harry Kane Packed

FIFA 15 Pack Opening Harry Kane Packed

Given the fact that EA have introduced price ranges it’s not a surprise to see that we haven’t done a FIFA 15 Ultimate Team pack opening in a while. However, the developers have released some special cards this week which we mentioned in a post the other day and they’re hero purple cards. These are players who’ve gone above and beyond for their respective clubs and have either helped their club to promotion, the fight against relegation to a lower league, or picked up an individual award such as a player of the year award.

These are known as hero items and they are new to FUT this year for FIFA 15. We go in search of one of these special rare items and do a pack opening to try and land one to put straight into our team. The two most lucrative ones available in packs at this present moment in time are the 90 rated Eden Hazard card and the 80 overall rated Harry Kane IF. Check out the HD video below to see who we got.

As you can see there were a number of IFS that we pulled from the TOTW 34 squad and most notably the Dani Alves in-form which was a great pull. Harry Kane was the hero item that we bagged and he’s so overpowered on the game that we are going to do a personal player review on him soon so that you can see just how good he really is.

At this specific moment in time you can buy him from the FUT transfer market at a bargain price of between 70K starting bid to a 100K buy now price. You’ve got to remember though that his price will most likely drop as Electronic Arts are lowering player prices all of the time with their price range feature so he will only get cheaper as the months progress. Let us know who you’ve got in packs over the month of May by leaving a comment in the box designated at the footer of this page.

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