How To Sign Lionel Messi On FIFA 15 Career Mode

If you’ve been searching for a way to sign the world of football’s greatest player in Lionel Messi on FIFA 15 Career Mode then you’re about to find out. Watch the HD video tutorial below or read on to find out how to do it in manager mode.

So it’s no secret that Messi is extremely difficult to lure away from his beloved Barcelona club, but there is in-fact a way around this with ease. He will only go to one of six clubs and they are FC Barcelona where he’s already at and Real Madrid of the Spanish La Liga, PSG of the French Ligue 1, Chelsea of the BPL (Barclays Premier League) Juventus of Serie A and FC Bayern Munich from the Bundesliga.

These six clubs are the only ones where Messi will choose to leave is Spanish friends and link up with you as the manager of one of these clubs. You will have to have a minimum of at least £147M to spend in transfer fee’s to pay for him alone. Not to mention that you’ll need a minimum of £1M in wage budget to offer him an almighty contract that he simply cannot refuse.

What you have to do is use a window where you can get into negotiation with the Argentine and offer him loads of contracts with at least 10 being enough to get the job done and he’s signature. For the majority of them he’ll get back to you via his agent and say that he does not wish to leave as he loves Barcelona too much. It really does not matter about the bonuses but i’d always set it to 20% just to be on the safe side and to give him the years that he desire within contract length.

If you keep in pursuing him we have reason to believe that he enjoys that he feels needed and wanted and eventually it’ll say contract offer accepted and you have your man. Give it a try and let us know in the comments section below how you get on as we’d be interested to know.


  • I want to sign me ssi for ever in ultment team

  • Hi I was able to sign Messi with Manchester United at 1.25 mil salary,20% bonus & crucial first team player! But i did this in the year 2016

  • JoshJamesTierney

    I got Messi on my Chelsea career for £146,000,000 and £825,000 a week wages without any goal bonuses…

  • Is there a way you can sign players without paying them wages?

  • The easiest way is just to edit the rosters before you start your career. Then you can get Messi and Ronaldo if you wish.

  • I signed Messi with Man U with 150,500,000 and a wage of 1,500,000 and 20% goal bonus as a crucial first team player

  • I Like Lionel Messi.

  • I signed messi with united for 45 million + Mata on 975k wage per week and 0% goal bonuses

  • No Bro!! You can convince messi for $9,999,000 wage after purchasing in transfer for $140-$150 to come BvB and Atletico Madrid.