FIFA 15 Physical Tips: Protect The Ball Tutorial

Here’s a quick FIFA 15 tutorial on one of the most underused features on the entire game and that is the protect the ball feature which if used in the correct manner, can be your best friend and the difference between being victorious and losing a match. Watch the full 1080p HD video tutorial below to learn of all the tips needed in-order to use this part of the game successfully or read on as we explain in-depth more about this type of play.

So the first thing we need to cover are the controls, and it couldn’t be any simpler as the only button you need to remember is one and that’s the LT button on the Xbox or the L2 button on the PlayStation. This is the special button to use for protecting the ball from other players and using strength to fight off opposition attackers or defenders.

If you do a through ball then you should repeatedly press this button and your striker will do push and pull and start using his strength to knock the opposition defender off the ball. The same is said when your opponent threads through a ball and your defender is slightly in front but doesn’t possess the pace to keep up with the striker in a one-on-one foot race. All you’ve got to do is press that button repeatedly and he’ll knock the striker to the side and retain the ball.

The only consideration you need to remember about this feature is if you both press that button then it’ll come down to which player has got more physical stats. So if you’re player for example has got 86 physical and the other player that’s also using push and pull possesses 81 physical then you will come out on top. So that’s something to bare in mind and you might want to assemble a squad that’s full of players with terrific physical attributes.

In all honesty though, many gamers overlook this feature and either do not know about it too much or decide not to use it to their advantage in these situations. This is where with these tips that you are learning, you can use it in matches and get the upper hand on your opponents either online or offline.

The other type of protect the ball that you can use is the basic one but it’s really overpowered if used in the right way. Without touching nay other button and that includes the left-stick/directional you should hold down the LT/L2 button. Your player will start shielding the ball no matter what part of the pitch he’s at. You can literally use this wherever and whenever you desire but try not to use it in defence too much as you might get caught in possession and it’s a dangerous area of the pitch to be trying this feature.

IT’s a neat tool to get rid of a player that’s in front of you and if you protect the ball and the opponent tries to retrieve it off of you then he will go round you which will in turn open up space in front of you so you can carry on towards the goal that you’re shooting at. If the opponent is clever and they start using teammate control to bring more than one defender or midfielder on to your player that’s protecting, then you can bring other teammates into play and pass the ball to them.

The other great thing about this is because little to no gamers know about this feature all to much because of the lack of players that use it, it will be alien to them and they more often than not won’t know how to combat it on the pitch. In most scenarios really top players ave the knowledge to deal with most situations but this will be new to them and that’s to your own advantage.

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