FUT 15 Squad Builder: Cheap OP Passing Team

So carrying on with our FIFA 15 Ultimate Team squad builders we have not decided to concentrate on a cheap OP passing team to go with a tika taka style of play. This team is completely overpowered and will pass any team it comes up against off the pitch with ease. Check out the full HD video tutorial below or carry on reading to find out the list of players that were included.

These players are also blessed with incredible close ball control and dribbling stats so that you can retain possession and pick out your killer passes. You might have noticed if you did watch the video that i set myself a little mission and the rules were basically that i was not allowed to run at all in the entire match. If you play FUT a lot you’ll know that you literally need to run or you’re pretty much doomed to fail.

Not in this case as i was so confident in the ability of this squad and how great they are at retaining possession of the ball and passing it nice and simply that this task never fazed me one bit. Take a look at the full starting eleven that i played with below.

Starting Lineup

GK: Petr Čech – Chelsea
LB: César Azpilicueta – Chelsea
CB: John Terry -Chelsea
CB: Sergio Ramos – Real Madrid
RB: Daniel Carvajal – Real Madrid
CM: Toni Kroos – Real Madrid
CDM: Xavi – FC Barcelona
CM: Cesc Fàbregas – Chelsea
LW: David Silva – Manchester City
ST: Robin Van Persie – Manchester United
RW: Thomas Müller – FC Bayern Munich

As for the player roles i set Xavi and Fabregas to take the corners, RVP to take the long FK and Penalties, David Silva to take the short free kicks and John Terry as the club captain. As for the instructions which you can only access on next-gen consoles, i just simply set Van Persie to stay central and that was the lot.

This specific group of players is perfect for the patient build up tutorial that we did way back when FIFA 15 first come out in the fall/winter and if you wan to know who to use then look no further than this team. Let us know how you get on if you decide to use it by leaving a comment in the section at the footer of this page. We’ll have more squad builders for you each week right here on the official website and on our YouTube channel.