FIFA 15 Squad Builder: Cheap OP Chile Team

With the 2015 Copa America well underway we thought we’d carry on the national team squad builders series with building the best possible FIFA 15 Ultimate Team cheap overpowered Chile side.

There’s a lot of players that you might not have known were Chilean up until this point when you see the full starting eleven at first glance and you can do so below.

Starting Lineup (11)

GK: Claudio Bravo
RB: Gonzalo Fierro
CB: Marcos González
CB: Hugo Bascuñan
LB: Jean Beausejour (IF)
LM: Mark González
CM: Arturo Vidal
CM: Gary Medel
RM: Alexis Sánchez
ST: Eduardo Vargas
ST: Esteban Paredes

The best manager to choose is obviously Manuel Pellegrini who’s the Manchester City manager of the Barclays premier League and the chemistry will be 10 for all players and 100 for the team. For the instructions i put Fierro and Medel to stay back whilst attacking and Paredes to drift wide which in-turn creates space in the centre for Vargas to run at the opposition defence.

Clever tactics and you’ve got to remember that your three best players in this team are Vidal, Sanchez and Vargas with the latter being one of the most overpowered strikers in the entire game this year. The Chilean forward who plays for QPR in the BPL has tremendous dribbling ability, pace, OP shot and the sweaty style of play where he’ll be incredibly hard to knock off the ball.

As for the player roles, i set Alexis Sanchez to take the left corners, short and long free kicks and Vidal to take right corners, penalties and the club captain. These selections are purely my own opinion and you can select which players you want in each role yourself, but you can use what i used as a guide if you want to.

If you watched the HD video above then you would have seen the two match highlights that were in the footage and it shows just how overpowered this squad really is. I usually do one game but because of rage quitters i had to do two and won them both comfortably. Let us know in the comments section at the footer of this page how you get on with this team and if you would change anything about it.