No FIFA 16 For PS Vita Or Nintendo 3DS

FIFA 16 3DS PS Vita

FIFA 16 3DS PS Vita

Electronic Arts Sports have recently announced that they’ve decided against bringing out a PS Vita or Nintendo 3DS version of FIFA 16 this year. The news will not be welcomed by fans who own the handheld machines but the developers have made their decision and have stuck by it.

An official EA representative spoke to Pocketgamer about both version.

“With regards to FIFA 16 there isn’t a Vita or 3DS version,” an EA representative told us.

“We don’t have any further detail on the mobile version but will be sure to share with you when we hear more.”

Last year may well turn out to be the very last installment that these handhelds possessed a version of the game and as for the mobile version it doesn’t look good on that front either. The mobile versions do seem to be extremely popular with gamers so it wouldn’t necessarily be a wise move from an outsider looking in but it’s down to EA at the end of the day.

Judging by the popularity though, we’d be extremely surprised if they decide to not renew their pursue of a mobile version when 16 finally reaches all continents. The game will launch this winter/fall for the Xbox 360/One, PS3, PS4 and Windows PC.