FIFA 15 Advanced Body Feint Tutorial

One of the most overpowered skill moves in the entire game is the focus for today’s FIFA 15 tutorial, as we look at the body feint and give you the best tips for when and where to use it on the pitch. For a clear understanding, check out the full HD video tutorial below or continue reading on if you don’t like watching videos and prefer to read instead.

The Controls

Now these are a little complicated to explain but it is possible. If you’re shooting from left to right or vice versa, and you want to go up or down with the body feint then you need to hold the right-stick up and then down then let go of it and move the left stick in your desired direction. The left-stick is the exit, so if you wan to perform the body feint up you’d hold the left stick up after you done the skill command with the right stick. The same applies if you would like to perform one going down.

It’ll take you a while to get use to but it’s worth it in the end as a lot of division 1 gamers use it and they use it because of how overpowered it is this year. To do it facing up on the pitch or down and you want to turn left or right you need to hold the right stick left and then instantly right. After you’ve done the command you simply exit with the left stick to either right or left.

One thing that you’ve got to remember is you you cannot be in a running movement so let go of the sprint button and also you can’t touch the left stick whilst you are moving the right stick. With hours of practice you will master this amazing skill move and you won’t regret it.

Where & When To Use

As for where to use, you will find that it’s perfect for cutting inside from the wing so that you can either pick out a deadly cross or go in on goal and finesse a shot into the top corner of the goal. It’s most effective when performing one after the other, so doing two body feints in quick succession. In and around the opponents penalty area the defenders don’t really have a clue on how to deal with this OP skill move half the time and it can definitely win you many games.

It’s best not to do it with defenders i n your own half or anywhere in defence which goes without saying, you may be tempted though as this is only a 2-star skill move which means pretty much any outfield player can perform it which is another great bonus. Doing skill combinations with the body feint reeps huge rewards and can literally confuse an opponent and the majority of the time make them rage quit if you convert your chances.

What we mean by this is doing a body feint and a sidestep, fake shot or a roulette and the momentum plays a part in sort of giving your shot more percentage in regards to the shot actually ending up in the back of the opponents net. That’s it for this tutorial, let us know in the comments section which skill moves you think are the most effective this year and if you use this one yourself.