All The FIFA 16 Gameplay Features Detailed (Trailer Inside)

FIFA 16 New Gameplay Features

FIFA 16 New Gameplay Features

Every year, FIFA is expected to come with new changes and this year is no different. Expected to hit the shelves in September 2015, FIFA 16 is packed with a ton of new features designed to give the ultimate balance, exciting and authentic football experience that lets one play their way and compete at higher levels. The new features of the new title include Control in Midfield, Confidence in Defending and more Moments of Magic.

Control in Midfield

All football games are either won or lost in the midfield. It’s no wonder then that FIFA 16 gives more attention to the midfield by including two innovations which provide you with the necessary control in the midfield, thus helping you dictate the game.

  • Passing with purpose

FIFA 16 will be introducing a new passing technique that will allow you to make sharp and precise passes. A new button mechanic will allow players to make passes to teammates in tight spots as well as to open their attack options. Along with Interception Intelligence, this feature will create the perfect balance between risk and reward experience when the ball is in motion.

  • Interception Intelligence

Smart players translate to a productive match. This new feature enables your teammates to anticipate passes better than before as well as to shut down opportunities for the rival team. When you team has the ball, the new interception logic helps teammates react faster by finding opportunities to make passes thus boosting your attack mechanism. In the sense of improved defense, team members work together to cover open spaces while at the same time avoid being caught in the wrong position.

FIFA 16 Control In Midfield

FIFA 16 Control In Midfield

The settings of Interception Intelligence can be altered in Player instructions thus giving the chance to customize how much aggression the teammates and other players have on the ball. This gives you complete control in the midfield and therefore the game as well.

Confidence in Defending

FIFA 16 Confidence In Defending

FIFA 16 Confidence In Defending

FIFA 16 provides players with the ultimate tool to create the perfect balance between attack and defense. It gives players a confidence boost to enable them to tackle opponent’s moves. This feature increases the reliability of your teammates to defend and attack as a unit, thus greater freedom as a defender. It’s all about stopping the opponent when it matters most.

  • Defensive agility

FIFA 16 features 25 changes in defensive locomotion changes, which track attacking opponents from the rival team. This makes up an agile defense system. Defenders can easily change direction by use of swing steps as well as close down on open space available to the rival team. The speed of the defender can also be accelerated and this gives them freedom of movement around the pitch. This way, attacks can easily be broken, while new opportunities can be used to the team’s advantage.

  • New tackling fundamentals

Is the ball with the other team? Don’t stress it because FIFA 16 features new tackling techniques that will enable you to claim it again. A new slide tackle system enables the player to control how the slide is. Should the opponent change direction or the tackle fail, the defenders from your team can still stop the ball midair. You also have more than enough time to get up and respond to the next move. The tackling options are many including fake tackles that the player can frustrate the opposing team with, Full-Body tackle which can be utilized for temporary removal of the opponent from the attack and In-Air Standing tackles that will aid the player in intercepting passes. All tackling options play a significant role in giving your team the upper hand during the game.

  • Defend as a unit

The saying “Work together, achieve together” works for the football scenario as well. The best football teams in the world win because their back line is a unit. The new defensive algorithm in FIFA 16 is designed in such a manner that players have better awareness thus giving them an effective tool for deciding whether they should cover dodgy space or they should mark an opponent. Players can rely on their teammates to cover dangerous gaps in the event that they make close challenge on an opponent. Teammates can also be relied on to stop attacks before they happen and to close possible angles of attack.

Moments of Magic

Football or not, we all crave a few WOW moments and FIFA 16 has that in mind. The game relies on no touch dribbles, clinical finishes and crosses to make every win unique and exciting.

  • Dynamic crossing

This feature changes the positioning and movement of the attacker and the crosser. It gives the player to make more realistic and realistic movement when attempting to make a cross. On the other hand, those looking to receive will be able to make better adjustments enabling them to make better attacks.

  • No touch dribbling

The new dribble AL enables players to decide when and how they can touch the ball. Allowing space between the ball and the player gives the perfect opportunity to show off various moves without coming into contact with the ball. The feature was developed by capturing Lionel Messi in a motion picture while in the field.

  • Clinical finishing

This feature enables players to finish like pro footballers. It provides a better understanding shot trajectory and helps players feel the difference in all shots. Should you miss the chance, you can always adjust your approach next time. Different orientations of the ankles and feet give the player a chance to experiment with different types of shots, thus more exciting wins.

Compete At Higher Level

  • FIFA trainer

The idea of new players is not lost on FIFA 16 as it offers the chance to learn as you play. Game play options, basic commands and deeper hints are part of the package. They play a significance role in helping you improve your skills.

New Ways to Play the Game

  • Women’s National Teams

It’s been a long time coming and FIFA 16 now offers the chance to play in any of 12 Women’s National Teams. Players can take part in Kick Off, Online Friendly Matches and an Offline Tournament.