How To Create Space On FIFA 15 (Tutorial)

One of the hardest aspects of FIFA 15 is creating that all-important space and time on the ball, in this tutorial you’ll learn how to create all the space you’ll need either in the middle of the pitch or in attack so that you have the time to make that killer pass or shot on goal. Take a look at the HD video tutorial below that shows you exactly how to do this, or read on if you don’t like watching videos a prefer to read.

Basically there are four controls that you need to master in-order for you to be able to create some much needed space either in an online match or against the computer controlled AI and they are the following.

Method 1:

So the first tip is the fake shot to stopping the ball still. Now there are two different variants to this and this is the first one. For the controls all you have to press is the shoot button and then the pass button, and what you’ll need to do is let go of the left-stick as this will result in a fake shot if you touch that and if you let go of the left-stick and don’t touch it the player will instantly stop the ball still.

This skill is hugely effective and makes players on the opposition team carry on running and creates a lot of space in front of you. The great thing about this little trick is you can do it literally anywhere on the pitch, from the wings to the midfield and it’s extremely deadly up front too in the opponents final third.

Method 2:

The next variation of stopping the ball still is by holding down the LB button on Xbox or the L1 button on Playsation and this will make the player do a close ball control stance much likened to the protect the ball feature. This is slightly different however and it should be used when running to suddenly stop and the player who’s marking you tightly will carry on running and it’ll open all that space up in front of you giving you time for a shot or to be playmaker and do a deadly pass.

Method 3:

The third technique is one we’ve covered here already on the official FIFASolved website and it’s the face-up dribbling. You can perform this in games by holding down both the trigger buttons which are LT and RT on Xbox and L2 and R2 on PlayStation simultaneously. Check out the full Face Up Dribbling Tutorial to get a breakdown of how to do it as it’ll help you master the skill so that you have another way of creating space in your locker.

Method 4:

The final technique needed to create space is another tutorial that’s been covered in the past and it’s the dragback. This is personally my favourite and the most effective of them all. They’re all great but this literally takes opposition players out of the game with ease. To perform it you simply hold down RB on Xbox and then move your player into the direct opposite to your facing and the same on PlayStation apart from you need to hold down the R1 button instead.

You can check out the full drag-back tutorial that we did and master the skill move yourself as you won’t regret it and it’s one of the easiest to learn and perform in matches. That’s all four methods and if you need any help then please don’t hesitate to ask a question by leaving a comment in the section below. We’ll ave more tutorial and tips up on the site every single week so check back periodically or follow us on our social media platforms.