FIFA 15 Short Corner Trick Tutorial

So with two corner glitches for FIFA 15 already showcased right here on the official website and on our YouTube channel, we thought we’d throw in another one and this time we take a look at the short corner trick. This particular method results in easy goals and you can watch the full HD video tutorial below, or carry on reading if you don’t like watching videos.

It’s a very simple trick and anybody can do it, even if the opponent knows you’re going to do it you can still have a high chance of scoring from it. This corner glitch doesn’t work absolutely every time but it does have a high percentage of success in converting into goals.

The first thing you have to do is when you see the cut-scene of your player putting the ball down at the corner flag to take his corner kick, you have to repeatedly press the LT button on Xbox or the L2 button on PlayStation. What this does is it brings a player short and when the cut-scene ends you’ll notice a player standing right next to you waiting for the short version of a corner kick.

Pass the ball to this player and then you’ll want to aim for either the player at the near post or the player that’s closest to him with both of them being directly above you if you’re taking a corner from the bottom of the pitch or they’ll be below you if you’re taking one from the top.

You can cross the ball into the box, but i’d recommend that you do the simple shorty pass instead as this is more effective. You may not think that the pass will make it and that it’ll be intercepted but trust me it won’t and it will go straight to your player nine times out of ten.

The next step after you’ve passed it to the appropriate player is to do a fake shot towards the goal, this helps in making your player who’s receiving the ball face the goal in which he’ll be shooting at. Once you are facing at goal pull the trigger or do a skill move and you should see the ball hit the back of the net. I highly recommend that you watch the video tutorial in-order to get a better understanding of this technique and to see it in action normally helps in understanding exactly how it works.

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