FIFA 15 Tutorial: How To Score Every Time (Sweaty Goals)

This is a really quick tutorial on how you can score really easy and sweaty goals on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team and Career Mode every time without fail. There’s a little glitch that’s in the game this year and you can take advantage of it, check out the full video tutorial below that explains all the tips you’re gonna need or continue reading on if you prefer to read articles instead.

Basically the only two buttons you are going to need to press in order to make sure that you score a goal every single time you one-on-one with the opposition goalkeeper is the sprint button and shoot buttons. That’s R2 and circle on either of the PlayStation consoles or RT and B on either of the Xbox consoles. You will obviously need to move the left stick in the direction you are going as well but that goes without saying.

This technique involves going round the keeper and tapping the ball into an empty net, or rather just running past the goalie with minimum effort and scoring a tap in. A lot of gamers will have this nervous thought in their heads that the keepers are going to dive on the ground and save it but guess what guys, they’re broken!!

You may have seen this method quite frequently on FUT with other players using it against you and why shouldn’t they considering how overpowered it is. This amazing glitch is the video game developers fought (EA Sports) and it’s one g;glitch that really does need addressing to for the upcoming FIFA 16 title that’s due in little under a months time.

Whether they do fix this bug remains to be seen but i for one will be testing this technique out on the demo and during early access too. You should be attempting this little trick as soon as you turnj on your console next and just give it a go and see the rewards for yourself.

It’s great to guarantee a goal that you might need desperately to win an online tournament or get those three vital points to secure promotion or the title in online seasons the possibilities are endless. Let us know in the comments section whether or not you use this trick when you play or if you’d never seen it before reading this post.