FIFA 15 Skill Tips: Rainbow Flick Tutorial

So this is a full FIFA 15 rainbow flick skills tutorial where you’ll learn step-by-step exactly how to perform a standard and advanced rainbow flick in matches online or offline. Watch the video tutorial below in high-definition or continue reading on if you prefer to read.

The controls are the first fundamentals you need to know and we’ll showcase the controls for the standard rainbow first and foremost. If you are shooting from left to right then you push the right-stick left and then right it’s as easy as that and obviously the opposite controls if you’re shooting from right to left, but the advanced rainbow is a little more complicated but we’ll break it down for you so that you’ll understand.

If you’re shooting from right to left then you push the right-stick right then left then wait until the player flicks the ball up with their heel and then you flick the right analog left to complete the skill move. It’s the opposite controls if you’re facing the opposite way as well.

It will take you a few attempts until you get use to it and are able to use it in competitive games especially in online matches against real humans. In terms of which one is more effective i would say it’s the standard rainbow flick by a country mile.

It’s easier to learn and perform and it doesn’t take too long to actually do in the game as well, compared to the advanced version which takes far too long to flick up into the air which gives the opponent the edge and awareness to what you are going to be doing. With the standard version it does it super fast and actually does get you past your opponents.

You should use this on the wings when you are on-on-one with the full backs and also in the center of the pitch near the halfway line and the oppositions D. This is a 4-Star skill move so that’s the type of caliber player you’ll need to be selecting when trying this skill out for the first time.