FIFA 16 Career Mode Innovations Trailer

EA Sports have released a FIFA 16 Career Mode trailer entitled Innovations that showcases all of the new features you can expect in the manager and player game mode this year. Take a look below and watch the trailer in full HD 1080p.

The video looks at the new pre-season tournaments that have been introduced this year where you will be invited as a club to take part in 3 out of a possible 9 tournaments which if won will result in you having and improved transfer kitty thanks to the winnings.

You’ll also be able to perform player training this year as well where you select a drill for a specific player and improve their overall game and stats in areas you think they need improving on. This is complete player development and it’ll be great seeing young players attributes skyrocket over time. You will be able to select five players each week to train and they can go under one of 30 training drills to take part in.

New story-lines and interesting player and club stats will be shown whilst you play in career mode too on match day for the ultimate footballing experience. Free agents will be able to be signed by clubs outside of the regular winter and summer transfer windows too.

You can check out all of the new features for FIFA 16 career mode under our dedicated page and we’ll be updating you on all the news right here on the official FIFASolved website, our social platforms and YouTube.