FIFA 15 Stepover Tutorial: Most OP Skill Move

This is an advanced tutorial on the FIFA 15 stepover skill move and it’s the most overpowered in the entire game at beating defenders. There are numerous advantages of this particular skill which we will outline below, watch the full HD video tutorial below to learn how to do the stepovers effectively.

The best thing about the stepovers is you can literally use it with any outfield player as it’s a 2-star skill move unbelievably. So even your defenders can use it but i wouldn’t recommend that, instead use it with your midfielders and attackers at the halfway line, on the wings or in the opponents final third of the pitch.

The next great thing about them is you can do this skill whilst running which is not something you can usually do with the majority of skill moves on FIFA 15. This gives you an incredible advantage against your opponents meaning you can change the direction of your players running stance in a split second.

The best part of it though, is the fact that you can exit in any direction what so ever! So not just up, down, left or right, but you can also exit diagonally. This will mean that the opposition will never know where you are going to change direction to in order to skip past him.

Now we will discuss the controls that are needed in order for you to perform this amazing skill move. All you have to do is wiggle the right-stick from side to side and then exit with the left-stick. It’s as simple as that and if you need further explanation then i suggest you watch the video as it covers it all.

You seriously need to have this one in your locker as it’s a key skill that can unlock even the tightest of defenses and the best of players. On Career Mode it will leave the computer controlled AI for toast and against real human players on game modes such as Ultimate Team it confuses the hell out of them.

Make sure that you practice this one to no end in the practice arena or skill games before you jump into a competitive match, and you will master it in no time.