Our Best Packs Of The Year On FUT 15

So it’s been a long 12 months and some amazing players have been packed by us over on our official YouTube channel so we though we’d do a post on our best packs of the year on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. The likes of normal Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, TOTY Iniesta and TOTY Angel Di Maria have all been packed on FUT 15 by us. You can watch the full HD video below that shows all of the players bagged.

FUT pack openings are one of the most exciting videos for gamers to watch and we have been extremely lucky to acquire some truly great players throughout this past calendar year. Although we already have posts covering these pulls, this compilation has all the brilliant players pulled in one place so you can see them all. Let us know what you think and who your best pulls have been by using the comments section at the footer of this page. Stay up to date and never miss a pack opening by subscribing to our YouTube channel for FIFA 16 pack openings.

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