All The New FIFA 16 Celebrations Tutorial

So each and every year EA Sports add new celebrations to the FIFA series and it’s no different this time round either. Check out the full list of new celebrations that have been added to FIFA 16 below by watching the 1080p HD video tutorial.

New Celebration Controls

KO – Hold LB/L1 and tab X (Xbox) twice or O on PS twice.

Point Up – Hold LB/L1 & flick right-stick left then right.

Stomach Slide – Hold LT/L2 & tap YY or triangle twice.

Bailando Robot – Hold LB/L1 & flick right-stick up and then down.

Timber – Hold LT/L2 and press B or O.

Glamour Slide – Hold RB/R1 & flick right-stick left and the left again.

Chest Thump – Hold RT/R2 and then flick right-stick down and then down again.

New Ride The Wave – Hold LB/L1 and press Y or Triangle.

knee Slide Fail – Hold LT/L2 and flick right-stick left and then left again.

Camera Interaction – Just simply sprint towards the camera like you would the corner flag.

Substitute Interactions – Just simply sprint towards your subs bench.