FIFA 16 Tutorial: Best Gameplay, Controller & Camera Settings

So these are the first tips of the new season and it’s a tutorial on the best gameplay, controller and camera angle settings on FIFA 16. These are very important to get you started on any game mode and you can watch the full HD video tutorial below that explains for in-depth.

The first thing we’re gonna look at is the gameplay settings, and you should be turning off the radar only if you do not use it what so ever! If you do use it then obviously keep it turned on, if not then i’d recommend it off. The other thing to switch off is a new feature this year and that’s the FIFA trainer. This is literally only for brand new players who’ve never played a FIFA game in their life, so the chances of that being you is very slim so it’s also best off as it does distract users whilst playing.

Most of the player switching and passing, crosses, lobbed through balls and so on should be kept or changed to assisted as this is the best option. Having it on manual may take a bit of time getting use to and although it does have it’s benefits, it also needs a lot of practice to master.

As for the controller settings this depends entirely on the individual, you can in-fact leave it on default altogether and carry on playing with the controls that you’re use to. The controls that are recommended however are that all attacking controls remain the same and a couple of defensive ones are altered.

LT/L2 is to jockey and A or X is to contain, but you can switch them round so that it’s closer within buttons to jockey with defenders and put in a stand or sliding tackle. Another one that a lot of users like to mess around with is swapping A/X button which is contain with O/B which is the stand tackle button. This so that X or A is to tackle and it’s more convenient and easier to tackle but it’s totally up to you if you want to make these changes.

Lastly is the camera angle, which is so important to get right is you want to be successful on FIFA 16. The three that are recommended are the default, tele and tele broadcast angles. If you wish to customise your own then you should select tele and custom for height to be 15 and zoom to be at 6.

You can find all of these settings from the main FIFA 16 menu under the customise tab and then go into all of the settings from there. Let us k now if you have any trouble with this by using the comments section below and we’ll try and get back to you asap with a fast response.


  • when changing the controls in defense it changes them in attack so pass then becomes LT rather than A… got into game.

  • anyone help me out I had setup right on the last game with the sliders can’t seem get balance right I wanna quick fast tempo takes me ages to get it right just want to so it’s competitive not too hard not too easy frustrates me cuz i won’t do a career until u get it right

  • Did not realise old comment did not post correctly. What I was trying to say is when the controls are changed for defense in the settings they automatically change in attack so pass then becomes LT rather than A… they are not separate which is very annoying and I wanted A as the jockey but pass when attacking…

  • I have the same problem. I want to change my controller setting and switch contain and jockey, but I don´t want to change de attack controls also. I want to keep passing with A. Is it possible to change controls only for defense without changing the atttack controls?

    • Yes you just go to defence instead of attack on the controller settings.

      • I have gone to Defense… but the Attack changes automatically.. this is what I am saying. I have gone onto settings. Then flicked to DEFENSE and then changed. if you flip to ATTACK controls you will see the A and LT have swapped also with the DEFENSE. Believe me, ive done this 10x+ and they are linked.

        • Then this is obviously a glitch in the game on EA’s part, hopefully they’ll release a patch update to fix this sooner rather than later.

          • Ah right ok. Just thought that it was like that and was going to be. I take it that there is a separation normally between configuring attack and defense.

          • Oh yeah without a doubt it should separate both it’s just a glitch in the game that needs addressing and EA Sports should sort it out before Christmas i would have thought.

  • Why do my saved camera settings keep changing on PS3?

  • My custom settings are not working again. Happened in Fifa 15 too. Any suggestions? PC – windows 7

  • Very useful video and information, thanks !
    I have a question about camera settings: if i change height und zoom in a custom setting for the camera (Tele Broadc.) this affects nothing ! I have PS4/Fifa16/no patch. Nothing is changing in my camera view.

    That problem already was in Fifa15, but most users didnt recognize it at all ….A matter of self-deception. 😉
    Look here:
    For Fifa16 there are already some entries with my problem here. So my question: are you ABSOLUTELY sure that changing heigt and zoom REALLY change something ?
    Any help for my problem ?

  • How cwn i change the position of my radar in pro player???

  • there is no way this setting can be applicable to fifa 16 since there is no way it will stay in attack or defense mode as it is. This is not right