How To Unlock Classic Kits On FIFA 16

This is a tutorial on how to unlock all of the classic kits in FIFA 16 for use in the kick-off, Ultimate Team, Career Mode and Pro Clubs game modes. Watch the full HD video tutorial below to learn all the tips on how to do this.

All you have to do is go into the EASFC Catalogue which can be found from the main menu under the customise tab at the end on the right. Once there you’ll need to go to the gameplay tab which should be the first one you arrive on once in the catalogue.

You will see that there’s various levels in which items can be unlocked, starting from level 1 with the lesser items the best items will be higher up in the levels. There are kits spread out in all of them and you just have to select redeem now to unlock them.

There’s the option to gift to a friend which you can do as well, once you redeem them then you can use them in kick-off, your manager or player career and once you go into FUT and load it up again they will appear where you can send them all to your club immediately.

To level up in the catalogue you simply have to play the game! If you played last years installment then you will be at the level that you left the game at which is a handy bonus for players.


  • If you have started a career in Fifa 16 and I played Fifa 15 last year it didn’t give me the option to get that extra money at the start when setting up my career. Can I still get this money or would I have to start a new career again and if so how do I make sure I get the bonus money. I think it was 60 percent in the tutorial u gave when u r going to have a billionaire take over the club.

    I hope u have the time to reply to me. Thanks.

    • If you haven’t got that option then you most probably won’t until FIFA 17 John, it gives you the bonus on the basis of how much Career Mode you have played on the previous installment.

  • Can you tell me what levels are required to unlock all the celebretation?

  • I bought a pair of nike shoes and some jerseys in catalog and and sent them to club in by ultimate team and now i am able to get access to shoes but not to jerseys it says that to unlock them in catalogue section and when i go to catalogue section it shows that i already own them.