FIFA 16 Career Mode Cheats

So each year we give out the best cheats for the game and this season is no different. These are the best FIFA 16 Career Mode cheat codes to get unlimited money to spend as either transfer funds or wage budget for your club in your manager career.

The above video tutorial gives all the information that you need in-order to have more cash to buy players than you’ll know what to do with. If you don’t like watching videos then you can alternatively read on and we’ll explain the process in full.

Basically at the end of the season you will have to have a decent amount of wage budget initially for this to work so you can either start out as a big club with money to burn or you can save up over time.

This is because you need to select a group of players that you do not want at your club anymore and are surplus to requirements and need to be sold off as soon as possible.

Lets say for example that you have £2M of wage budget available to you to spend on contracts or to allocate as transfer funds. You put it to 2 million in wage and offer four players that you don’t want or need anymore a contract worth a staggering 500K per week.

If you offer anymore then the board of directors takes it the following season so don’t fall for that old trick but instead just stick to 500,000.

Once all the appropriate players have accepted you then must skip to the next season and start a new one with the same team. Your board would have given you new transfer funds and wage budget for the forthcoming season ahead which you’ll keep all for yourself.

Look up all the players you offered the insane contracts to from either the contracts tab or sell players tab. Now you cannot release them from their contract as it costs the earth, you also can’t sell them as any club that goes in for them simply says that they cannot afford their ridiculous wages which is realistic.

This is where the glitch comes into play! You will have to eye up the transfer targets that you desire and put a decent offer in for them like you would normally. The only slight difference this time round is you’ll be offering one of the four players on 500K a week as part of the deal in a swap.

This gives you back 500K each and every single time and you can earn an unlimited amount of money from this amazing technique. The only thing that you need in the first place is the initial wage budget mentioned. That’s the cheats!


  • Seems nice, thanks !

  • Alaine Cristine de Meira


  • i am not able to create a gameface on chrome and firefox. plz tel me how to do it…

  • The way I do it is I finish the season. So that way you have your reward money from tournaments and the season, then leave about 1-2 mil in your transfer budget and the rest in wages. Then offer 500k wages to young players who have decent potential and would be good loan targets i.e. Tyler Blackett or Nick Powell on Man Utd and loan them out. Works every time for me had almost 1bil at the end of my 4th season

  • Doesn’t work, every time I try to sell the player it just says ‘transfer talks have broken down as they could not agree on wages’

    • You didn’t watch the whole video Freddie, i said specifically that you need to swap the player that’s how you get rid of them. If you try and sell them then no club will buy them because of the high wages.

  • Hi, thanks for taking time to show us this wicked tutorial glitch. But does this glitch still work today?cause I know EA has not to long launch a patch update for it, but would this effect doing this glitch? I’m using Xbox One.. Best regards

  • it works i now have 500 milion

  • when is a real money glitch/ free player glitch coming out

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  • is there a glitch to get messi and ronaldo for free on fifa 16 ultimate team