FIFA 16 Crossing Tutorial: All Crosses Solved

If you’ve been searching for a tutorial on how to score from all types of crosses on FIFA 16 then you’ve arrived at the right place! In this post we’re going to show you how to do this, you can either watch the full HD video tutorial below or continue reading.

So crossing the ball was very good in the last installment but it’s even more overpowered on FIFA 16 and there’s a certain technique to scoring almost every time you whip the ball into the opponents penalty area. You may have had trouble with the keepers this year as they do like to come and claim the ball whilst it’s up in the air but there’s a way to combat this too. There are three different types of crosses, the standard cross, the near-post and the one along the ground. Now lets break all of these down and discuss them on-by-one in detail.

The Standard/Normal Cross

This is by far the most OP and there’s a little trick to this that not a lot of players would have discovered as it’s quite unique in it’s own little way. You basically have to put around three bars of power into your cross and you can look at the  power gauge in the bottom right or left corner next to the players name who you’re crossing the ball with.

Now this is another important part of the formula, the area that you’ll want to aim and direct your normal cross into will be the back post a couple of yards away from the opposition goalkeeper. For some weird reason the goalkeepers do not come to claim these balls and the defenders almost never get their head on it to clear the danger away from their penalty area.

Remember to always aim for the back post and as for the controls you’ll want to do a rainbow effect with the left-analogue stick to alter the direction of the cross and put some swerve on it. This is what gets the ball away from the goalkeepers gloves and onto your strikers head. Just make sure that you have the left-stick in the direction of the player you’re aiming for right at the point when the crosser is about to put his foot back and kick the ball.

The Near-Post Cross

As for the ever present and powerful near-post cross, this is to be used mainly when you have a counter attack going and/or there’s not as many opposition defenders in the box. For the controls you simply have to double tap the cross button which should be X on Xbox or square on PlayStation. Now all you have to remember with the near-post cross is you should always face the player you are going to whip the ball into.

For some reason that’s the most effective way of using this type of cross and it increases the likeliness of a goal being scored by more than 50% so it’s worth considering next time you go to do one.

The Along The Ground Cross

in-order to perform this along the ground cross which is effective when used correctly, you must triple tap the cross button. You should only use this when the attacker is either in front but still onside, or about to get in front of his centre-backs. If this scenario plays out then your striker will not miss the opportunity and you’ll score a goal every single time without fail.

One of the benefits of the cross along the ground is it’s the fastest type of cross and gets to the attacker nice and quick because the winger will put lots of pace on the ball. If you remember all of these methods for crossing then you will be a top player this year in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team and offline against the computer controlled AI.


  • Such an interesting video, I also like the passing tutorial, pretty useful. Would you upload the bargain and cheap players for career mode as you’ve done with fifa 15?
    Thanks for the tips!
    Cheers from Mexico (Sorry for Luke Shaw, Hector Moreno is not that bad)

  • Great video… Can you please also mention what’s the best formation for crosses ?