FIFA 16 Speed Boost Tutorial: Fast Pace Tips

A lot of people think that pace is out of the game this year, but there’s actually a hidden speed boost on FIFA 16 and this tutorial will show you how to do it in matches. Watch the full HD video tutorial below to learn all the tricks on how to perform it in-game.

The first thing we must discuss is the areas in which you should do it and you’ll want to use it on the wings with your wingers. You must remember not to use it in the central areas of the pitch as the goalkeepers have smarter AI on FIFA 16 and will come off their lines to make the clearance.

It’s not the simple sidestep an then sprint like before, instead you want to use the right-stick and flick it into the direction that you’re player is sprinting in. There’s two different variations to this, one is where you knock it on slightly past the defender which will probably be the side-back. The other is double flicking the right-stick in the direction you’re facing and the winger will knock the ball on far in front of him.

The double tap method allows your left or right midfielder to get to maximum acceleration and will be at his top speed. The stats that you’ll want is either a speedster in career mode or 85 pace and above online in Ultimate Team. The great thing about the speed boost is it doesn’t matter if the defender is standing still, coming towards you or jockeying and waiting for you to make your move.

If you have enough space on the wings then when you knock it past them and get to top speed you’ll leave them behind unless they’re really fast themselves like Alba, Walker or Roberto Carlos. Most other left and right backs will not be able to combat this though and that’s what makes it so effective. Next time you turn on your consoles you want to give this a try.

You shouldn’t be too worried that it won’t work or that the defenders will intercept because more often than not they don’t and you simply leave them standing hopeless wondering what just happened. This is an amazing technique and you will be scoring loads of goals from it with ease.