FIFA 16 No Touch Dribbling Tutorial

One of the most underused features on FIFA 16 this year is the no touch dribbling which if used in the right way, can be a fantastic way to beat opposition defenders and create goal-scoring opportunities. Watch the full HD video tutorial below to learn exactly how to do it or alternatively you can read on.

The basic controls for no touch dribbling is the LB button on Xbox or L1 button on PlayStation held down and then you wiggle the left-stick. What a lot of people don’t know is this is the version with the small feints and is not effective in the slightest.

The controls you should be using is holding down LB/L1 and RT/R2 simultaneously as this makes the player perform thre big feints and that is what the game changer is. With the big feints you can easily confuse the opponent you’re up against by feinting to the right and exiting to the left or vice-versa.

When both of those buttons are held down, you will not be able to run or hardly move forward. The point to this is you must do the big feints one way making your opponent move in that direction whilst you exit in the complete opposite. If you move the left-stick in the direction you’re facing then your player will do a no touch stepover, to the left or right of your player will result in them doing a big feint to that side.

When choosing to exit, all you have to remember is to let go of the L1/LB button it’s as simple as that! The reason for this is because the only other two buttons that you’ll still have your fingers on is the sprint button and the left-stick which is to move the direction of your player.

This specific type of dribbling is great for winning free-kicks in dangerous areas of the pitch and will also be good to combat all of the top players in Division 1/2/3 in online seasons on Ultimate Team. The next time you play FIFA 16 make sure that you give this technique a good try as it is so overpowered and could be the difference between winning matches and losing them.