FIFA 16 Best Young U21 Players Potential (BPL)

This is the best young U21 players potential in the BPL (Barclays Premier League) on FIFA 16 Career Mode and these wonderkids are all OP at the peak of their careers. Take a look at the full video below that showcases every player all done up to their maximum potential.

Not all of these players had their potential glitched but the majority of them did have and the results are quite impressive. There is one problem position and it’s the goalkeeper, there simply isn’t any youth goalies in the English Premier League at the moment in real life or indeed on the game.

You can go out and purchase Jack Butland in the transfer market who’s easily the best and youngest keeper you can get or you can either get one from your youth academy or alternatively you can get any young keeper from a club in the EPL and train in every single week for life until he reaches the rating you want to get him to.

There’s a complete forward in this team and a complete midfielder but unfortunately no complete defenders. The majority of strikers got clinical finisher specialtie but all the defenders got the tackling specialtie. The whole crop of players in the team have been trained extensively every week since the first season.

The year that it’s stopped at is 2024 right at the start of the season which is a great year where all the young talent is at the peak of their potentials. More Career Mode leagues will be covered over the course of the year including all the major European leagues so make sure you keep checking back here on the official website to never miss a post.