FIFA 16 Skill Guide: Stepover Tutorial

So in this latest skill moves tutorial for FIFA 16, we look at a 2-star skill move in the form of the stepovers which are one of the best ways to beat your marker and create real goal-scoring opportunities. You have to be able to perform some skill from time to time and cannot always rely on just passing the ball and this particular one will help you immensely. Watch the full HD video below that explains everything you need to know or alternatively continue to read on.

One of the most frustrating things on FIFA is the fact that when the receiver takes control of the ball especially in online game modes and there’s players running at you from all directions it’s extremely hard to focus on the particular individuals skill move star rating. If you’re thinking of performing a 4 star skill and that player has 3 stars then you will run into trouble.

Basically the point to this is with the stepovers because it can be performed by any outfield player on the pitch you don’t need to think who can do it. This is a huge advantage and it cuts down your thinking time which will benefit you in the long run.

To do them all you have to do is wiggle the right stick from side to side in the direction that you’re facing. So if the player is facing up then you’d move the right stick up and then wiggle it from left to right or vice versa. After that you then need to select where you’re going to exit and you use the left analogue stick for that.

The other amazing thing about the stepover is that you have the ability to perform them in any direction whatsoever! Not only that, but you can also exit in any direction too. So not just up, down, left, right but also diagonally as well. This is a real game-changer as far as FIFA is concerned, because there’s not a lot of skill moves on the entire game where you have the ability to exit wherever you see fit.

The next time you get a chance to try out this amazing overpowered skill then do not hesitate to do so. This is extremely valuable is you have it in your locker and it can beat opponents defences in a blink of an eye. Players who possess good dribbling stats tend to really get along with the stepovers but any player can do them quite easily.

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